Coordinator of Youth Ministry

St. Clare of Assisi Parish (Ellisville, MO)
Position Description: 

Saint Clare of Assisi is a parish of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, located in the suburb of Ellisville. It is a large and vibrant parish of nearly 2200 families. Our school enrollment is currently at 300 students in grades Pre K - 8 and our Parish School of Religion enrollment is 243 students.

The Youth Ministry program at St. Clare of Assisi focuses on fostering the spiritual growth of each young person by cultivating a Sacramental life with a deep appreciation of the Roman Catholic faith. The Youth Ministry Program is founded on the Gospel and seeks to inspire the hearts of the youth with the goal of forming life-long disciples who are Alive in Christ.

This full-time position undertakes the challenge of organizing and coordinating the youth ministry efforts of St. Clare of Assisi so that high school and junior high parishioners are given every opportunity to experience the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Collaboration will be expected with a variety of staff and parishioners.

• To foster the personal and spiritual growth of each young person
• To draw youth to a fuller involvement in the life of faith, most especially in the sacramental and communal life of our parish and the greater Catholic Church.
• To empower youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today.
• To prepare youth for a healthy, faith-filled adult life.
• To encourage the consideration of a religious vocation.

• Be an active, committed, faith filled Roman Catholic.
• Possess a solid understanding of the Catholic Faith and adhere to all the teachings of the Catholic Church.
• Be able to teach and share the Catholic Faith.
• Have leadership experience with youth and possess strong organizational skills.
• Have the skills needed to manage a budget.

Administrative and Leadership Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with the youth, parents, pastor, associate, parish staff, and core team to assess the existing programs and direct future youth ministry programing.
• Collaborate with the Archdiocesan Youth Office to maintain an awareness of Archdiocesan resources, programs and guidelines.
• Coordinate and promote the Youth Ministry Program as a part of the St. Clare of Assisi Parish Family.
• Recruit and train volunteers to assist the Youth Ministry Program.
• Participate in professional development and continuing education programs.
• Maintain an ongoing knowledge of trends and resources in youth ministry.
• Invite, gather and lead the youth regularly planned programs, (EDGE, Wednesday Night Prayer, Sunday Night Program)
• Invite, gather and lead the youth for regularly planned programs. (EDGE, Wednesday Night Prayer, Sunday Night Program)
• Work with the D.R.E. to plan all Confirmation events, including Luke 18 retreat.
• Work with the School and PSR principals to reach out to middle school students.

Pastoral Responsibilities:
• Gather the teens for Mass at 5pm every Sunday.
• Plan and execute Life Night Sunday’s every Sunday after Mass
• Plan and execute weekly Wednesday Night Prayer Group at 7:30 pm
• Plan and promote XLT (an evening of worship, catechesis/witness. and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the third Thursday of each month, held regionally.)
• Promote and execute an annual Spring and Fall Retreat.
• Plan and execute weekly Wednesday Night Prayer Group at 7:30pm.
• Promote and chaperone an annual trip to Springfield Missouri, for the Steubenville Youth Conference
• Promote and chaperone an annual trip to Washington DC for the March for Life (if there is an interest).
• Be accessible during the week to provide opportunities and appropriate settings for the youth to come for discussion of current events and/or personal crises.
• Be a coordinator for the yearly Rummage Sale.

Networking Responsibilities:
• Maintain close contact with students, parents, administrators, and campus ministers of area high schools.
• Establish and maintain regular and appropriate communications with high school students and middle school youth, utilizing various means of communication.
• Establish and maintain regular communication with the entire parish regarding the youth ministry program.
• Maintain a high visibility in the Saint Clare of Assisi day school and PRS program.
• Attend High School games and activities of the parish youth.
Fiscal Responsibilities
• Prepare, develop and manage an annual budget.
• Account for all youth ministry expenses.
• Organize and manage fundraising while researching the availability of and apply for appropriate donations and grants in support of the youth ministry program.
• Manage and report on all Rummage sale expenses and revenue.

St. Clare of Assisi Parish offers a competitive salary based on years of experience and educational formation. In addition, we offer health insurance, dental insurance, as well as a retirement plan. The Coordinator of Youth Ministry will have appropriate office space and all essential materials provided by the parish.

Contact Details: 

Contact Details:
Qualified candidates may submit their resume and cover letter to Father Hecktor at OR by mail to:

St. Clare of Assisi Parish
Attn: Father Hecktor
15642 Clayton Rd.
Ellisville, MO 63011-2398