Pornography Facts & Background

ImageWe face a grave issue that is destroying marriages, setting young people up for moral and marital failure, and ruining the character of millions of men and women, boys and girls. One bishop has called it an "Epidemic Attacking Human Dignity." Make not mistake, like all epidemics, this one too has a damaging effect on the the lives of so many people. The issue is pornography.

Image Once found mainly in the seedy parts of large cities,
pornography has found its way into nearly every home.

The pornography industry’s profit has been estimated by some analysts at over $14 billion dollars in the U.S. and is growing at an alarming rate.

  • More than 4 million Web sites worldwide show images of children being sexually exploited, according to the U.N. investigator’s report on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography. (Najat M'jid Maalla, Sept. 16, 2009, U.N. investigator on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography)
  • Among adults, 66 percent of men between the ages of 18-34 use online porn at least once a month.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 (87%) young men and nearly one third(31%) of young women reported using pornography.

The pornography industry purposefully targets children today; due to the severely addictive nature of pornography, if kids get hooked on porn, they will be customers for life. Counselors have called addiction to pornography the "crack cocaine" of sex addiction because the use of the Internet to view pornography causes a rapid development of the addiction, one that is more difficult to overcome than cocaine or heroin addiction.

  • According to Sex on TV 4, a Kaiser Family Foundation study (November, 2005), among the top 20 most popular shows among teens, 70% include sexual content and almost half (45%) include sexual behavior.
  • An estimated 204.3 million people, or 74.9 percent of the U.S. population above the age of two and living in households equipped with a fixed-line phone, have Internet access (Nielson Media Research).
  • 57% of U.S. Internet users incorrectly believe that when a website has a privacy policy, it protects their personal information from being shared with other sites or companies (Annenberg Center).
  • Although no connection between legal porn viewing and criminal behavior has ever been proven, police have seen a steady increase in porn associated with crimes (Lt. Matt Bilodeau, spokesman for the Cache County Sheriff's Department, Associated Press, 10/17/04).

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The Church is not exempt from the influence of pornography. Research has found that men and women in the pew, as well as pastors and priests, are struggling with this issue. One study found that 47 percent of Christian homes report pornography is a problem in their home.

In one heart-breaking survey taken in August 2006:

  • 50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women reported being addicted to pornography. 60% of the women who answered the survey admitted to having significant struggles with lust.
  • 40% percent admitted to being involved in sexual sin in the past year.
  • 20% percent of the church-going female participants struggle with looking at pornography on an ongoing basis.

What can we do to combat the dangers of pornography for ourselves and our families?

Citizens Against Pornography (CAP ), a St. Louis based organizaiton, has a long history in the battle against pornography. Most recently they have suggested ways to impede the influence pornography can have over consumers. Once such way is to boycott companies that misuse sexuality as a marketing tool.


Efforts to End Pornography Do Have An Effect

How IS Pornography related to Human Trafficking?

Go to Traaffick 911 for information for more information.

Children and adults are bought and sold everyday for use in sexual slavery. Pornography preys on the most vulnerable among us.  Pornography is not a victimless passtime.



On Monday, March 14, the Senate Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee conducted a hearing on the bill to strengthen laws against human trafficking. Sen. John Lamping (R-Ladue) is sponsoring the bill, SB 331. A companion bill passed in the House by a unanimous vote of 155-0. We expect the bill to pass the Senate before the end of this legislative session.

Click here to find details on the bill and the legislative process.


IN THE NEWS: New Rules Are "Devastating" Says Strip Club Industry

The strip club industry is back in court arguing that a new law the Missouri Catholic Conference [MCC] helped to pass earlier this year is ruining their business. The industry wants the law set aside until Missouri courts decide its constitutionality.

An attorney for the industry, J. Michael Murry, said the law has resulted in wide-scale job losses and the closure of some of the businesses altogether. He argued "And unless we get relief soon, we fear the entire industry will be destroyed." Sounds like good news to the MCC. We heard the same arguments from some legislators last session.  Our response was, and is, that some kinds of business are just not welcomed by Missourians. The new law prohibits nude dancing and requires the clubs to close from midnight to 6 a.m. Alcohol cannot be served and there are restrictions on where the clubs can be located.

A full hearing is scheduled for February 7 in Cole County Circuit Court.

Proposed CAP Boycott list

One of the most effective means of establishing community standards is boycotting purveyors of pornographic material and their sponsors.  CAP is affiliated with other pro-family organizations through its members.  The list (including description) below is compiled from one or more of these organizations and is included herewith for the information of viewers.

Abercrombie & Fitch
Reason:  A&F has resumed publishing a pornographic catalog that targets teenagers. The pages of the so-called catalog contain nude young people but no clothes! Also A&F features large, lewd posters in their stores that are inappropriate in a clothing store that caters to youth. CAP urges viewers to join with it in supporting the American Decency Association’s boycott.
Victoria’s Secret
Reason:  VS’s catalogs, TV advertisements and online advertisements have continued over the years to feature images that are sexually objectionable.  In addition, VS’s so-called fashion show appeals to the prurient interest. CAP urges viewers to join with it in supporting the American Decency Association’s boycott.

 Family Video
Reason: masquerades as a family video outlet when it is in fact anti-family. Family Video rents X-rated movies. CAP supports the American Decency Association’s boycott.
Yum Brands - A&W restaurants, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut
Reason: Yum Brands places greed before time-honored standards of decency, morality, and America’s young people. Yum Brands continues to be an aggressive and regular sponsor of programs like “American Dad,” “Family Guy”, the “Cleveland Show”, “Blue  Mountain  State” and “Glenn  Martin  DDS”.  These programs degrade and destroy the well-being of the time-honored standards of decency, morality, and America’s young people. CAP urges viewers to join with it in supporting the American Decency Association’s and the Florida Family Association’s boycotts. - Seductive and sexy promos on their website of Danica Patrick
Reason: Each SuperBowl the company trots out a similar ad consisting of buxom women tearing off their blouses to reveal cleavage pouring out of a GoDaddy emblazoned tank top and urging television viewers to go to their website to see more. With no attempt at creativity, GoDaddy goes for the gutter and takes viewers with it. Godaddy’s website is also replete with sexual provocation. CAP urges viewers to join with it in supporting the American Decency Association’s boycott.

The world’s largest family entertainment company has extended insurance benefits to the live-in partners of homosexual employees, but not unmarried partners of heterosexual employees; allowed homosexual celebrations in its theme parks; and via its partner ABC/Disney continually broadcasts television programs that undermine Judeo-Christian principles of Biblical decency. CAP urges viewers to join with it in supporting the American Decency Association’s boycott.

Learn more about what can be done to protect our families by visiting CAP online.

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