Comments about Our Online Courses

I gave my input on topics in the discussion board that I normally would not have stated in a regular classroom setting. It is a non-threatening atmosphere to be free to say what you feel and ask questions you might otherwise be hesitant to ask.

Becky Grotpeter, kindergarten teacher, St. Peter School, Kirkwood MO

The discussion board was an eye-opener for me. We were required to post messages as part of the class, but this was not a chore. I found myself wanting to check it every day to see what people had written. I think a lot of people opened up more on the board than they would have in a regular class.

Sue Doering, 4th grade teacher, St. Francis of Assisi School

Taking an online course is a great way to learn about your Catholic faith at your own pace.

Michele Geatley, teacher, St. Bridget of Kildare, Pacific MO

I cannot say enough about all of the online courses I have taken advantage of!! Online offerings allow me to be able to learn more about my Catholic faith without making my family life suffer for it!! The format is easy. The course teacher goes out of his way to answer any questions immediately. There is even interaction and dialogue with others taking the course. I thank you all so much for making this available!!

Michelle Foster, 4th grade PSR teacher, St. Joseph Parish, Manchester MO

Without Paul VI online courses, I would not be able to complete my PSR certification. I work nights, so this makes the classes accessible to me. It allows me to complete the assignments when it is convenient for me and doesn't commit me to any particular time. Thank you, Paul VI, for this convenience.

Donna Huffstutter, 5th grade PSR teacher, Immaculate Conception Parish, Dardenne MO

This class was outstanding! I would highly recommend this class to everyone, no matter what your background is. I was ordained a deacon last year and I took this class to increase and enhance my spirituality, and also to possibly use toward my coursework for preaching faculties. I am so impressed that I am considering taking another class this summer online. Yes, I am a No.1 fan of this type of education and instructors.

Rev Mr. David J. Pacino

I have just completed my second online course. The work has been challenging but not overwhelming. My instructor has been very understanding and helpful. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and faith without invading time normally set aside for my family. My job requires many evening meetings and this allows me to gain more time with my family.

Wayne Schiefelbein, principal, St. Francis of Assisi School

The course was very enjoyable and I learned a lot. I was reluctant to take an online course. This has been a wonderful experience plus saved me lots of time traveling, gas money, and let me take class whenever I had some time. I want to take more online classes.

Nelva Owens, St. Clement Parish Lay Ministry Program, Bowling Green MO

Online courses give me a chance to gain knowledge at my convenience. Education is important to our faith and evangelization and it is so nice to have it available at our fingertips.

Zoe Ryan, CRE certified catechist for 7th grade, St. David Church, Arnold MO

I have taken two online courses and have found them to be stimulating, refreshing, informative and reflective. Both courses have allowed me to grow in faith, hope and love. I certainly was not disappointed with either. I am registering for another course this summer.

John Bischof, deacon elect (June 2004), St. Richard Parish, Creve Coeur MO

In my world, the online courses were the only way I was going to be able to achieve certification to be a CRE. Being the mom of three grade school children, the coordinator of our 370-student PSR, and sacrament coordinator for 91 second graders and 94 Confirmation students consumed all of my time and energy. Luckily, Paul VI offered me a path to not only receive my certification, but spiritual inspiration along the way. The online courses allow the freedom to study and do homework when it fits into our schedule, which was a lot of the time after the family was asleep. The instructors were always an email away from the answers to our questions.

Jane Schwendeman, CRE

I just completed my first Paul VI course online and am so pleased. I got so much more out of it than I imagined, and it worked so well for my schedule! I believe it took every bit as much time as a regular course, but I could do it on my own (crazy) schedule. I always felt the instructor was available for me, if needed, and I got a lot out of reading the other students’ questions and comments. I'm planning on doing another one this summer. Thank you!!

Julie Koncki, Confirmation catechist, St. Clare of Assisi Parish, Ellisville MO

The online Paul VI courses open the door to the 21st century and the new extended technological community of the Church. It is fantastic to be able to grow in my knowledge of the faith at my convenience and in my home. In today's busy world of family and work, the Paul VI courses offered online are convenient, thorough and allow for me to work around my "soccer mom" schedule without compromising the quality of the teaching or content.

Buddy Kayser, 8th grade religion teacher

I decided to challenge myself and try an online class. This was my first online class and I thought I would miss the classroom interaction. But once the comments started on the discussion board, I felt more at ease about taking the class and using the discussion board. The interaction between the instructor and students proved to be very interesting.

Anne McNally, PSR teacher, All Saints Parish, St. Peters MO

I find the online courses open up a window of opportunity for me as a mother of three active children. I wouldn't have the time to complete my certification if I couldn't do most of it after bedtime from my home office.

Rene Nickelson

I appreciate the convenience of the online courses. I can work on my assignments at times that are best for me. You have been truly insightful in your instructions on the topic of morality. Thank you.

Barb Oppelz, kindergarten-8th grade religion and art teacher

I have just completed my first online course with Paul VI. Besides saving gallons of gas driving, I enjoyed the privilege of being able to work at my own pace. If I were asked to give a grade to the program, I would decidedly give it an A.

Deacon Robert Birkenmaier

As an eight-year PSR teacher, St. Charles resident and mother of four boys, I was thrilled to find that Paul VI Institute had begun to offer online classes. I was fortunate enough to be included in the first set of classes in fall 2002. Since then I have completed nine credit hours for Paul VI, eight of which were online. If it were not for the online classes, I would not have been able to broaden my religious knowledge in such a short time frame with my busy family life.

Ellen Bankaitis, 2nd grade PSR teacher, St. Joseph Parish, Cottleville MO

I really enjoyed this course. I learned things I didn't realize I didn't know! The format was terrific. I loved being able to access it online when it was convenient for me -- sometimes early, sometimes late.

Vicki Thurmond, RCIA catechist, St. Joachim Parish, Old Mines MO