Face to Face

RE 170  Creativity in Catechesis
Evelyn Tucker

RE 174  Teaching Religion to Children
Debbie Johnson

ST 115  Theology of Suffering, Death, and Afterlife
A survey of the theological and pastoral aspects of death and suffering. It includes a study of biblical perspectives of death, suffering and afterlife, as well as the theological development of the Church’s understanding of mortality and afterlife, with a focus on the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The goal of the course is that participants will experience personal growth in these areas of concern so that life can take on deeper meaning and value. 

Thursday  4:30-6:30pm 
Sept 10 – Nov 19. (No class on Nov 12)
Immaculate Conception, Dardenne
St. Justin Room
Dr. Barb Blackburn

RE 270  Creativity in Catechesis Level II
Dotty Sanning (Note: you must have taken RE 170 to takethis course)

ST 196 Understanding the Mass
 Fr. Rickey Valleroy

LT 198  Grief,Anointing and Catholic Funeral Rites

Sr. Cathy Doherty

Online Fall

ST 101  Catechism I: BASIC CATHOLIC DOCTRINE (2 credits)
A study of the fundamental beliefs of the Catholic faith as outlined in the creed and described in Part I of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC).

Dr. John Gresham

LT 101 Catechism II: Catholic Sacramental & Liturgical Theology  (2 credits)
Formerly listed t LT 180-Liturgy of the Sacraments and ST 195-Theology of the Sacraments
A study of the theology of the seven sacraments as revealed by their origin, development, and
liturgical celebration as described in Part II of the CCC.
Fr. Phil Krill

MT 101 Catechism III: Foundations of catholic morality (2 credits)
A study of the foundational principles of moral theology and the fundamental moral teachings emphasizing that the way of Christ “leads to life,” as described in Part III of the CCC. 

Dr. Shawn Welch

SP 101  Catechism IV: Introduction to Catholic Prayer and Spirituality (2 credits)
An introduction to Catholic spirituality and the life of prayer as a personal relationship with the “living God.” Covers the nature and meaning of prayer, prayer in scripture and tradition, types of prayer, obstacles to prayer and the Our Father as the model prayer.  Based on Part IV of the CCC.
Sr.  Adriane Torrisi, SDSH & Sr. Teresa Liu, SDSH

SS 101  Scripture 101: Introduction to Sacred Scripture (2 credits)
Formerly listed as SS 192-Understanding the Scriptures
A general survey of the Old and New Testament scriptures from a literary, historical and theological perspective, and an introduction to basic principles of Catholic scriptural interpretation.
Dr. Michael Hardwick

 SS/ST179  Holy Spirit, Church and Eternal Life
Fr. Damien Dougherty

SP/ST 208 The  Lord’s Prayer: Biblical, Theological and Spiritual Wisdom
Fr. Damien Dougherty