How to Access Online Courses


On the first or second day of class for each semester you will receive a WELCOME email from EDVANCE360.  Once you open your email you will be given a link in the email.  New students, go into the FIRST link and you can create your username and password.  It will than allow you to create your profile.  Please keep this password in a location where you can access it every semester. Returning students, click on the SECOND link and use your existing username and password.

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS EMAIL BY THE 2nd or 3rd DAY OF CLASS, EMAIL MARISOL. Include your name, email and course name in your message. Send email to:

SAMPLE OF EMAIL that you will receive on the first or second day of class: 

When you receive this email, your inbox will look as follows:

TO:         (STUDENT NAME)
SUBJECT:  Welcome to Edvance360 at Paul VI

Once you open the email you will see the information below:

 Welcome to Edvance360 at Paul VI Institute

Sign on and create your profile here:

Existing users click the following link to sign in:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people have reported problems with their spam filter blocking confirmations and other important emails regarding their online classes. If you are using a spam filter, please make sure it is set to allow emails from the domain and to pass through.