Paul VI Institute for Catechetical and Pastoral Studies

Current Schedule 2017

All courses include required online readings in addition to any required textbooks.  Please be aware that if you are ordering online you may want to order a couple weeks in advance due to backorders or shipping locations.  Please make sure that when you purchase The Catechism of the Catholic Church, it is the second edition.

 MT101:  Catechism III:  Foundations of Catholic Morality

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church:  second edition
  • Morality, The Catholic View; Servais Pinckaers (author), Michael Sherwin(Translator), ISBN 1587315157   
SS101:  Introduction to Sacred Scripture
  • Hahn, Dr. Scott, Understanding The Scriptures: A Complete Course On Bible Study (The Didache Series)  ISBN 978-1-890177-47-4

 ST101: Catechism I: Basic Catholic Doctrine

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church, second edition
  • Peter Kreeft, Catholic Christianity ( Ignatius Press 2001) ISBN 0-8987-0798-6



Books may be purchased from various Catholic bookstores.  Listed are some suggested bookstores:

  • Catholic Gifts and Books  314-469-6700
  • Catholic Supply  314-644-0643
  • Pauline Books & Media  314-965-3512
  • Online from  Aquinas & More
  • Online from Amazon 





LT101: Catechism II: Catholic Sacramental & Liturgical Theology  

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church:  second edition (Catechism can be pulled up ONLINE, so that you don't have to purchase it.)


  MT133: Catholic Sexual Morality  

  • Catholic Sexual Ethics: A Summary, Explanation, & Defense Paperback - August 22, 2011
    by William E May (Author), Rev. Ronald Lawler O.F.M. Cap. (Author), Joseph Boyle JR (Author)

ST121: Faith and Science

  • Benjamin Wiker, The Catholic Church and Science: Answering the Questions, Exposing the Myths. Tan Books, ISBN 978-0-89555-910-4

ST129: Catholic Apologetics – Knowing and Defending Your Catholic Faith

  • Handbook of Catholic Apologetics, “Reasons/Answers to questions of Faith”,
    Peter J. Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli
    Ignatius Press, ISBN 978-1-58617-279-4

SS127:  Deuterocanoncal books of the Old Testament

  • Harrington, Daniel J. Invitation to the Apocrypha.  Grand Rapids, MI:  Wm B Erdmans, 1999.
    ISBN 0-8028-4633-5

SS187:  Pauline LettersThe Letters of Saint Paul. The Navarre Bible.  Reader’s Edition.  Dublin: Four Courts Press and New York:         Scepter Publishers, 1999.  ISBN 1-85182-912-1 (Four Courts Press) and 1-59417-037-1 (Scepter Pubs).