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Sisters please pray for my physical healing of RA. I ask that Jesus place his healing hands on me. Thank you ...Amen
emh | 5 hours 2 min ago
Please pray for my aunt, Cris, who fell outside last night and broke her pelvis. She is 90 and has Alzheimer's so recovery will be difficult. For Ashley who is having cancer surgery today. For my brother, Jim, who is laying concrete this afternoon in the heat. He has had some health issues in the past. For Karen who is on an extended family vacation. That the experience will be life-giving and peaceful. For her daughter, Ashley who will fly to CA with her professor this weekend to do a presentation.
SUM | 5 hours 28 min ago
Please pray for my vision health, my husband's health and academic success for my son. Thank you.
T | 5 hours 28 min ago
Please pray for my husband to accept Jesus christ as his personal saviour and take the things of God seriously. Please pray that his political ambition will be fufilled this year.I am asking for financial breakthrough too for my family in Jesus name. O Mother mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen.
chioma | 7 hours 5 min ago
Sisters, I am suffering from daily anxiety attacks. These attacks are making it hard for me to go about my daily life, which in turn impacts on my wife, soon to be newborn child, my students, my community, and my career. I am craving the loving touch of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and Our Holy Mother Virgin Mary. Thank you.
Andrew | 7 hours 24 min ago
Please pray that I find a job that I enjoy and that will provide for me and my family. I am extremely unhappy in my current job and would like to go back to my previous employer. Thank you for your prayers.
Leah | 7 hours 31 min ago
Losing my house shutting my electric off
mike | 7 hours 58 min ago
For peace in the family.
DD | 9 hours 31 min ago
I would like to ask you for your prayers, because I am very exhausted. Please pray that the Lord will deeply heal every moment of my life with His unconditional love and let me know with all of my heart His infinite mercy in all my sins. Many years after conversion I have been constantly terribly tormented with painful darkness, diabolic oppressions and deep guilt, almost not able to pray for years. Only miracle of His grace can help me. May God bless you for everything
Jana | 9 hours 59 min ago
Oh God, Our Broken & Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to You Day & Night for Your Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead.. & through out 2014? Please continue to pray with us daily for God's Mercy & Peace!URGENT! Thank you for praying, Bill&Carol. usa
Bill | 10 hours 12 min ago
That our entire family is healthy, happy and safe. For Matt. Let his job be great, let him excel at it and be happy and content. Let him get a raise. Let him find someone. Let Larry be completely okay, make a full recovery, have no residual effects and not have it happen again. Let me be completely okay and have nothing seriously wrong.
m | 10 hours 16 min ago
Please please pray for my son David who may possibly have his home repossessed. He's been laid off several times and when it rains he can't go to work and then he doesn't get paid. His loan company has arranged for him to get a forbearance so that he won't lose his home but unfortunately he will be required to make a lump sum payment by August I in order to proceed with it. He doesn't have any extra money to make this lump sum payment by the August I deadline, and if he doesn't he will lose his home and then his family will be homeless. Thank you.
Jeri | 10 hours 19 min ago
for the protection and preservation of the ancient Christian community in Iraq facing expulsion, destruction and death
kim | 11 hours 26 sec ago
Serial thief confronted at our store last weekend, he tried to hurt my Harry, who works long hrs, 7 days. Our son is only 3. Heavenly Father cover my family with your divine protection, Archangel Michael may your flaming sword of protection surround our family and store, at all times. K. Dallas TX
Kamal | 11 hours 4 min ago
Dear Lord please take care of my daughter and her son that they will have a happy, healthy and safe life. Please let my daughter recover from her illnesses so that she can be here to finish raising her son. Please, please help her to find a job. She really needs your help. She tries so hard. Blessed Mother ask your son to please help them. PRAYING FOR A VERY SPECIAL INTENTION FOR DINA AND DOMINICK PLEASE PRAY FOR HER that her breast cancer will stay in remission. RIP Ski we love and miss you RIP Aunt Rosie we love and miss you RIP MOM
BLS | 12 hours 12 min ago
Please pray for Anise and family that they will know the Will of God and know his purpose for their lives and especially know that God loves them
ay | 12 hours 45 min ago
Can you please pray for Aunty Agnes who is a nun and is having a mastectomy next Tuesday. Please pray that all cancer cells be removed. God bless you Rose
Rose | 12 hours 46 min ago
Dear Jesus and Blessed Mother Please grant Joanna the physical and mental stamina to pass the police academy. Grant her wisdom and grace. Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother Amen
Theresa | 13 hours 17 min ago
Im a medical I just took my Step 2 clinic skills exam, I want to pray for miracle that I passed this exam i took on 7/21/2014, Im so scared right now, please pray for me thank you Amen
Piyush | 16 hours 24 min ago
i am having problems in my household I've a teenage brother that doesn't show any respect in my household n i am the oldest sister that also take care my mother i have told my brother not to bring his girlfriend in the house because she is so negative and very wicked is like when she comes to the house is something goes wrong like arguements really don't want this girl around this household i really need peace as i'm typing now she is in the household making an excuse that her car power went down as i told him first morning she has to leave immediately thank you so much for reading
Matilda | 16 hours 45 min ago
For the complete physical recovery of: Angela, Carmine, Jeanne's family, Bill S., Dennis, Susan, Bill K., Michelle, Toni, Arlene, Pam, Libby, Lesley, and Bob; for the Holy Souls in Purgatory; for religious freedom; for the repose of the soul of Gaylan & comfort to his family;and, in thanksgiving for all prayers heard and answered.
Susan | 18 hours 33 min ago
For my health which seems to be failing, please lord cure me. I want to live a bit longer. Also for my Mother's health who is failing that her knee, heart, feet, get better. My dad that he is ok, all the sick and the suffering over the who world and for every person who reads/sees/prays this request.Amen For my brothers Mental problems that he stops stressing me out. Amen
John | 19 hours 5 min ago
Greetings: Writing to you in the hope of obtaining some very, very strong and powerful christian community prayer support for a very, very sick little puppy. He has the parvo illness and is with the vet at this very instant. Oh please ask almighty God to pour out truly infinite vast oceans upon infinite vast oceans of complete, radical, on-going, unceasing: healings and ever increasing strengthening and robust great health for this little tiny puppy that I know will bring years of joy and comfort to a dear friend and to her family. Help them with your prayers for this little puppy.
chuck | 19 hours 20 min ago
Father ,According Mark 9:23.i believe in your power.i`m asking miracle power for our son to straighten out his life. God soften his hearts. surround him with peace and confidence . he needs a good married life.connect Right girl in his he has to get back to right track he needs a good job he was interviewed in for one Right now he just needs to get it,thanks
ikno | 19 hours 27 min ago
Tuesday, July 22nd- at 9AM Praise & thanks for all blessings & signs received & that the judge will sign the entered orders in God’s Will & for peace & sleep.-2)Thursday, July 24th-That the visitor by the Power of the Holy Spirit will see through the eyes of God & that the visit produce His Holy Will & for peace & sleep3)Friday July 25th-Through the enlightenment, discernment & wisdom of the Holy Spirit the court will hear the plea & that the father will have all that grace he needs moment to moment resulting in God’s will being done in regard to residency of his children & for peace & sleep
L | 19 hours 52 min ago
Please pray for C V for his court date on July 30th. That he finds a good lawyer in the next couple days to represent him and he gets the results that he needs.
J | 20 hours 32 min ago
Dearest sisters, Thank you for your wonderful healing works. I am requesting prayers of uplift and strength for my son M. and myself as we experience significant adversity at this time. Blessings to you and for all seeking healing, uplifting and peace here.
Jesse | 20 hours 43 min ago
Please pray for me that I may be able to discern God's plan for me, my career and family
Ana | 21 hours 22 min ago
Please pray for my adult son that he may have a friend. Outside of family he has no one. He is depressed over this and I am sick with worry. He is a good person but shy and lacks confidence. A friend will boost his ego and help him not despair. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you
SH | 21 hours 23 min ago
Pray to st Joseph that I may find my future husband soon! Thank you
Amy | 21 hours 32 min ago
God my husband left 5 months ago and left my 4 toddlers and I penniless. Please make sure that I get the job at _____ that I just interviewed for and I find out very soon. Amen
CC | 21 hours 59 min ago
Lord, please do not let me be in trouble. I can't bear it. Please let everything be OK and I will not make bad decisions again. Please do this for me. I beg you.
Jo | 22 hours 54 min ago
fe, esperanza y caridad
Pedro | 1 day 10 min ago
Pedro | 1 day 11 min ago
Pedro | 1 day 13 min ago
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