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Let us unite our suffering with Mary’s sorrow as She stood under the Cross. Our Lady Of Sorrows pray for us.
Ken | 10 hours 28 min ago
Please pray that I make the right decision.
Anonymous | 10 hours 38 min ago
having hard time at work ,very scared all the time. please pray for me. I am alone in my pain.thank you
mike | 11 hours 13 sec ago
Please pray for good test results for our 6 yr old granddaughter
Gail | 11 hours 16 min ago
For my financial situation to improve. That I will get more clients at the salon! And for healing of my stomach. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!
Shelly | 12 hours 44 min ago
Please pray that I am able to break up with my boyfriend of six years and him being ok with it and not becoming violent, bitter and aggressive towards me. Please pray that God finally breaks the chains and gives me the strength and power to finally do this and that it goes above all expectation. Thank you
anonymous | 13 hours 10 min ago
I am an educated woman who once had a solid resume, but I have not been able to find a real job for years now. I also just found out that I will need to leave my apartment and find a new place to live. My savings are gone and I afraid for my future. My prayers are not working. Can you please pray that things will work out for me? Thank you so much.
Beth | 13 hours 33 min ago
My dearest sisters please pray that we may get all our paper work done. That the people that owe us money can pay us soon. I know that prayer is powerful. Let them be touched by the Holy Spirit. thank you nora
nora | 14 hours 32 min ago
i dont really know that i am praying right to you YAHWEH, so forgive me as i try to se kyou in prayer the best i know how. i seek your overflowing financial blessings for my business .for my hearts passion t obe felt fully and all doors opened as needed, in the name of jr healing and peace in the truth and to finally be done with this matter. art sr and xavi strength and financial needs. dylan direction and hope. annette freedom and blessings. kathy and bret healed.AHO
travis | 14 hours 36 min ago
Please pray for my cat, Morris. He is only four years old, and a once energetic, rambunctious cat is now having kidney issues and is very lethargic. Thank you for your prayer support.
Sherry | 15 hours 47 min ago
I beg your intercession. Please pray on my behalf. I ask the same without waivering constantly. I cannot give up. I pray with confidence and faith that my request will be granted. Please send E back to me.
Melanie | 16 hours 6 min ago
this soul is fighting the dark forces and needs all the prayer we can offer her and family members and friends. Please prayer for this sweet soul.
candance | 16 hours 33 min ago
Father in law in hospital. For my wife’s depression and alcoholism addiction. We have 4 kids that are involved in this as well and they just want mommy and daddy together. Two of the children are completely aware of her drinking, when she drinks and her hiding places.She continues to deny she has a problem with this alcohol illness, even though she’s confessed in the past that she was using alcohol and is very addicted. She blames me for her drinking. please help my wife get over her alcohol addiction, lying and depression.
MT | 17 hours 8 min ago
Please pray for healing of Anthony, he is 16 and has a significant ruptured disc in his back, he is in much pain and has been told that he has to stop all sports. He is a baseball player we just found out and we pray for healing according to God's will, and trust in God's plan no matter what. Thank-you for your prayers. A sister in Christ, Mary Giordano
Mary | 17 hours 29 min ago
Please pray for wisdom and patience as we try to convince my 87 year old mother that she cannot live alone anymore. It will break her heart if she has to leave her beloved little apartment in a retirement complex that she enjoys so much. She has fallen and broken bones numerous times. My sister and I are in worse physical shape than our mother and can't keep up the pace of taking care of her anymore. She doesn't understand this and we feel so guilty and selfish, yet exhausted and burned out.
Mary | 17 hours 38 min ago
My son and daughter-in-law, who are awesome and responsible people, are having a difficult time with trying to balance finances, jobs and time away from their children. They are both very depressed that they can't be with their little sons more and yet are standing up (as they should) to their finanacial commitments. They are doubting their decisions in life about having gone to college and now feeling hopeless in being forced to work menial jobs in their little town because there is nothing else to be had anywhere. Lots of regrets, sorrows, despondence and tears.
Grandma | 17 hours 43 min ago
Please prayer for my daughter Lisa's family and her oldest son who is currently serving 1 year in jail. Please pray that they may all find peace and faith that all will turn our well and God will always protect them.
tmt | 17 hours 55 min ago
Please keep my daughter in prayer that her health issues will be addressed and that she will adhere to what she has to do. This has been ongoing for over a year and she really needs some help since she is predisposed for polycystic kidney disease and polycystic overy disease. Please pray that she gets what she has to do to be healthy. I am really scared for her. I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen
Marilyn | 18 hours 13 min ago
May God touch my parents, leading them to Christ and keeping love, peace, joy and harmony in the family. And that we would become better people in and for Him. Thanks.
Ah | 18 hours 36 min ago
34 yr old Ben hung himself from a tree...diagnosed as bi-polar. Pls pray for his soul and his parents.
karen | 18 hours 41 min ago
Please pray for me and special intentions Thank you
Mary | 18 hours 49 min ago
Please pray for us. We need to buy a new car. We need a salesman that is fair and just in business and is honest. Sisters send us that person with prayer. Thank you.
ras | 19 hours 10 min ago
I would like a prayer said for my daughter Nichole and her two children, that all negativity and people that are trying to hurt them are removed from their life and they are able to live their life together in peace and grow together as a family to a better life
Lisa | 19 hours 18 min ago
Please pray that God directs both Brian and I in our careers. We have both had a very lousy 4 years and our very discouraged and lost. We are both desperate for direction and some success.
ellen | 19 hours 21 min ago
Lord i need you in my family now and forever more
NICODEMUS | 21 hours 5 min ago
Please pray for my physical healing. Tests and procedures have not solved the problem. Ongoing UTI's and female problems. An MRI was suggested, but I am claustrophobic I pray for God's peace & healing to take this next step. I am 83. & healthy but uncomfortable. I am praying to Our Lady of Sorrows,(today is her Feastday ) I pray that she will let us know if there is another direction we should go in. In1980, I totally accepted Our Lady as my Mother and shortly after that my bio. Mother died. I trust her intercession. thank you for your prayers.
Dolores | 21 hours 8 min ago
Please pray for me as I take my college entrance exam in my dream school, ________ University. I will be taking the exam this Saturday (Philippine time), September 20, 2014. Please include my intention to pass my dream course AB Political Science in that university. Thank You very much.
Donna | 21 hours 18 min ago
pls pray for me n my husband c's unity n love,v r on d verge for separation because of my husband c's cheating n lying habits.he beats me n tortures me mentally..pls pray for us..diana
diana | 21 hours 22 min ago
that Larry be healed of pneumonia. He is in his 70's and has not been responding to the treatment so far. I also ask for prayers for his family....esp. one daughter who just recently moved to Australia and is so far away and can't be with him. (Larry is in Fla.) Please give them all the strength and peace they will need to be there for him. I ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, too,, since today is her Feastday. I thank you for you prayers and for accepting my prayer request.
Jen | 21 hours 44 min ago
That our entire family is healthy, happy and safe. For Matt. Let his job be great, let him excel at it and be happy and content. Let him get a promotion and a raise. Let him find someone. For Larry, let him be completely okay. For me, let me be completely okay and have nothing seriously wrong.
M | 22 hours 35 min ago
For the return of a dear one to the practice of the Faith and for the Lord's blessing on her new life.
Gerard | 23 hours 33 min ago
Heal my family , HEal my marriage, Heal my finances Grant me a job
wsk | 1 day 1 hour ago
Dear Heavenly Father, I praise,worship, honor You, I love You!!Lord protect us. Protect my son, Daniel & his job, protect him & from getting fired & from trouble. He needs this job for his daughter & health benefits. Have mercy & fill him w/ Your Grace. Lord, pour seeds of self-control upon him. Surround him w/ God Fearing people. I stand on Your Word & Your promises: "Ask and it will be given to you ...for everyone who asks receives. Matthew 7:7-8." "Nothing is impossible with God. Matthew 19:26" Thank You, Lord, I claim victory he will not get fired. In Jesus's Name, Amen
Mary | 1 day 2 hours ago
Please, please may i kindly ask for many daily prayers. Im not able to attend holy +mass. Plus my family members are into satanism. Please pray for me derek. Amen +INRI
Please | 1 day 2 hours ago
Prayer for my mom PATRICIA to have negative result in cancer test. To keep her strong physical and spiritually.
RITZ | 1 day 3 hours ago
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