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Please pray with us for the following prayer requests. You can add your own prayer request, which will appear below after moderation. Prayer requests may also be submitted privately.

Dear Lord, Remove all obstacles and release Adam from prison now . I ask this through Christ our Lord . Amen
Monica | 21 weeks 2 days ago
for my uncle j stec who is having nuerological problems...walking, using his right hand and arm the doctors are not sure the cause..may he have treatment and gain his mobility back
john | 21 weeks 2 days ago
I’m asking prayer for myself. I had an ultrasound done on my breast. They found two solid masses on my left breast. I go on Thursday November 6 to have a biopsy done on both. Please pray with me that they are not cancerous and God would take the masses away. Thank you and God Bless, Bonnie
BONNIE | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Would you please pray for my wife, my newborn son and me as we prepare for our son’s baptism? We have been trying to coordinate with several people to see who could be Michael’s godparents. Would you please pray that the Father would select the person(s) he wants to be our son’s godparent(s)? Please pray that the Immaculate Heart of Mary would wrap this situation in her mantle of peace and protection. Please also pray that the Jesus in his Divine Mercy would intervene in this regard to ensure that Michael has the right godparent(s)!
mark | 21 weeks 2 days ago
I am in desperate need of a financial/monetary blessing to pay my monthly living expenses. Please pray for me to receive financial/monetary graces and blessings immediately.
Carol | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Would you please pray for the protection of my wife, my young son, our pastor and me as we prepare for our son’s baptism this Saturday? We are so excited that young Michael will become a child of God and we ask you please pray for all our protection that this special day would go smoothly and peacefully. Please pray that he Immaculate Heart of Mary would wrap all the participants in her mantle of peace and protection. Thank you.
mark | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Dear Heavenly Father: I am a sinner, but I repent my sin to ask Jesus to come into my heart to be my Lord and savior. Lord, give me wisdom, guidance, blessing, mercy, grace for my academic career and job for my son. Lord, open the door for me and I will get the job in IOA, the RNshift in SST, Medstaff, etc. My son will receive Jesus as his Lord, savior; be obedient, nice to others. Show your glory, power and miracle. I plead the blood of Jesus. Amen.
Willa | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Please pray for my children's success in their studies. Pray that my son does well on all of his tests this week. Pray that my daughters do well on their projects and tests this week. Pray that my daughters' do well at their horse show this weekend. Pray that all their hard work pays off. Pray that my son remains confident in his abilities in football. Pray that he has good hands and does not fumble the ball. Pray that he makes all of his blocks and tackles too. Finally, pray that he remain free of injury during football this week and at the game.
LB | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Please pray for my son, Michael, regarding his future. He doesn't seem to have any motivation, ambition, drive or plans anymore. He quit a good job to pursue his music, did a major recording project on his songs, but isn't promoting it. We are very concerned about him. Thank you for your prayer support.
Sherry | 21 weeks 2 days ago
pray for my wife and I. That no repercussions would happen from my wife trying to dsicipline an unruly youth at church. She yelled at them and now the mom is concerned about her little "angel." Let our ministry at this church be affected. And let my wife's anxiety after the miscarriage calm down. Please help O God, I feel like quitting the ministry.
tm | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Please pray for the success of my work with my company, Bene's homeschooling
M | 21 weeks 2 days ago
That our entire family is healthy, happy and safe. For Matt. Let his job be great, let him excel at it and be happy and content. Let him get a promotion and a raise. Let him find someone. For Larry, let him be completely okay. For me, let me be completely okay and have nothing seriously wrong.
ML | 21 weeks 2 days ago
please pray for my perfect health so that I can care for my ailing mother! Please pray for our family that we will again unite in love one day soon! Please pray for my Son and wife to return to the Catholic Church! Please pray for the perfect health for me and my family! I love you Jesus and Blessed Mary for all you have done for me! I am so grateful for God in my life!
Cindy | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Pls pray for Meila to get her visa stamp successfully from CEM. May the Holy Spirit enlighten the visa officer to be kind, considerate, and understanding.Heavenly father pls touch there hearts have mercy to me and help to have my visa.this I ask through Christ our Lord amen.praise God.
Meila | 21 weeks 2 days ago
My job and health. The strength to be a good person trust God. Be kind and caring. Not angry and controlling. All work out great trip with family
Jc | 21 weeks 2 days ago
For my husband,s job and health. We need stability. All work out and him relax. Safe this weekend
Jc | 21 weeks 2 days ago
For Ro and L. Wonderful life and marriage jobs health safety
Jc | 21 weeks 2 days ago
For Ben. His safety, anxiety good judgement and health. Find love. Job go well tickets resolved if your will
Jc | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Please pray that baby Liam may be safe happy and healthy and for the health happiness and healingof his parents. Their jobs and life RIP baby A May you be our guardian angel
Jc | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Please pray for my friend who is in hospital in a lot of pain. Please pray that God will heal her either directly or through the hands of the doctors, according to his will. Amen
Anonymous | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Dear Lord please take care of my daughter and her son that they will have a happy, healthy and safe life. Please let my daughter recover from her illnesses so that she can be here to finish raising her son. Please, please help her to find a job. She really needs your help. She tries so hard. Blessed Mother ask your son to please help them. PRAYING FOR A VERY SPECIAL INTENTION FOR DINA AND DOMINICK PLEASE PRAY FOR HER that her breast cancer will stay in remission. RIP Ski we love and miss you RIP Aunt Rosie we love and miss you RIP MOM PLEASE PRAY FOR ME
BLS | 21 weeks 2 days ago
please pray for a healing for me from my Lyme disease and co infections im really sick and have a 8 year old child to take care of...Im a single parent and am scared of losing everything I need a miracle healing as doctors don't seem to be able to help me...I'm coming into an agreement with you for my healing. Thank you so much Sharon
Sharon | 21 weeks 2 days ago
Father,You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness, that my soul may sing praise to You and not be silent O LORD my God, I will give thanks to You forever ... Psalm 30:11-12.right now bless our son with good news .Amen.thanks&god bless.
vi | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray that God will save my parents and their children.
Mark | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray I won't feel sick or throw up today.
Mark | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray for the crises which are developing at work. There are soo many pressing issues occurring at the same time. It is causing great strife for my co-workers and myself. We ALL need the Holy Spirit to guide us. ( I guess I am in particular need of divine intervention). Please pray that these things may come to a peaceful, joyous, resolution.. I thank you in advance for your, prayers, sister, and I thank you, Lord, for showing us all your divine mercy.
j | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray for the conversion of my friends who are atheist, agnostic, protestant or indifferent, that they may open their minds and hearts to God and the Gospel. Thay may Jesus soften their hearts and heal all the spiritual wounds they may have. Lord make me an instrument of You, put in my lips the right words to talk to them about You, guide my actions that I may give good testimony of my catholic faith. Pray for my parents who are having problems in their marriage and is really hurting me. Forgive me my sins and help me find the right place in the Church to serve You with my life. Amen
Carlos | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray for me and my family I am stuck in Korea they are telling me I can’t leave until it is resolved. I found a unit that needs me and I will be with my husband and closer to the rest of my family. Please let the board which has to meet to make a decision on my promotable status decide to let me keep my promotion. Please pray for these blessings on my life and pray for the people to have to make this decision to please make it in my favor. I need to leave Korea as soon as possible and finally get an opportunity to spend holiday season with my family
Melanie | 21 weeks 3 days ago
That God will give me the grace to lose the weight to what my doctor tells me I should weigh and keep it off, health needs because of it That I might combine it with fasting for best results
anonymous | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Sisters, please pray for Odette to be healed from her illness and made whole. For ARC and kids, that God heals them financially and emotionally. For my whole family; salvation, well being and protection from deadly diseases, viruses, illnesses, nuclear war, natural and manmade calamities, maladies, dangers and disasters. Praise to You Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, my Lord and my Love, Jesus!
PCC | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray for Austin. He is moving again. Back to old friends in a cult type situation.
rebecca | 21 weeks 3 days ago
a | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray for God to help me and provide peace and prosperity. Hold my precious daughter in his hands. Thank you.
Toni | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Family love, sharing, caring and unity among all with the eucharist as our center For God to send me friends that will work His will in my life My priests, sisters and those in my life all my intentions
Anonymous | 21 weeks 3 days ago
Please pray for my healing of cancer and FM and my daughter-in-law, who is very ill. Thank you so much for your prayers.
anonymous | 21 weeks 3 days ago
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