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Please pray with us for the following prayer requests. You can add your own prayer request, which will appear below after moderation. Prayer requests may also be submitted privately.

Please pray for Traditional Marriage and pray for the members of Congress uphold marriage as God had intended it…between one man and one woman, let us pray… and pray for intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary that She will guide us to Her Son Jesus.
Ken | 10 hours 26 min ago
May the Peace of our Lord be always with you and loved ones. Story is long one. but I will be brief. Healing for left hand and especially left index finger. Cut it with electric hedge trimmer Sept. 1, 2014 - Would love to share the whole incident with you but I know you have many prayer requests to answer and pray for. Pray that swelling subsides, that there be no tendon, artery or nerve damage. I need a miracle. For complete healing. Thank you and God bless you and loved ones. Lydia
Lydia | 10 hours 36 min ago
Please pray for me that the Holy Spirit will guide me for tomorrow's exam in remedial law and legal ethics. That i may be able to give the beat and correct answer. Please pray that i will pass the philippine 2014 Bar Exams and be a christian lawyer in service to other people. Thank u. J
Mae | 10 hours 54 min ago
Please pray for good results regarding my throat issues. . I trust the Lord's will, but am so afraid of the unknown. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will give me strength and comfort and help me accept the outcome.
kbj | 11 hours 35 min ago
Dear Sisters, thank you for hearing my prayers, please continue to pray for our continued health, safety, and free from all harm and violence. Thank you for prayers and helping my daughter Jeannine with a full time job. Please continue to pray for Jeannine and her daily life choices, actions, and her faith. Please keep her mind strong and fit. Help her with the disappoints she has had. Help all in need. Help all leaders make fair and just choices for all. Thank You.
Frank | 11 hours 45 min ago
Please pray for C to have strength and peace on Sunday. Please pray that he is able to break his bonds of fear and we move forward with our future as planned. Please pray he feel safe and secure in our relationship and home.
Angela | 14 hours 32 min ago
Sisters, My dear friend is conducting a day of prayer tomorrow in her parish. Please pray for Kathleen and all of those attending. Thank you- blessings & peace
CDD | 14 hours 36 min ago
Please pray for me and my family. This weekend, my two older sons find out that their mom and I are getting a divorce. It’s been a long time coming and I’m afraid that my sons will be hurt, resentful, and not go back to college in January. All I ask is that God look after and protect them and their mother, to put peace in their hearts, and guide them through their school hopefully to a happy, fulfilling life.
Mike | 14 hours 48 min ago
Please pray that our daughter's upcoming surgery will go well and they don't find something that we are not hoping for. Pray for my friend RD who is not undergoing cancer treatments Please pray that my husband's heart surgery will continue to do well. Thank you. I shall ask God to bless and protect all of you.
jgh | 16 hours 16 min ago
Lord, improve my communication skill, you talk to the nurses through my mouth. Lord, put me in _____ Tele unit for CP, job. Lord, give me divine protection; let me find favor in the eyes of VP, JH, H, Vu who will give me good recommendation. Lord, assign me the Pt I’ve prepared for, the nicest nurses who will give me good recommendation; I’ll answer VP’s Qs perfectly on Oct 28. Lord, help me to get 100% satisfaction from VP, JH, my nurses, Pts; I will pass clinical. My son will be well. I'ss have RNshift. Lord, show your power, miracle, glory. I plead the blood of Jesus. Amen.
Willa | 16 hours 43 min ago
Dear Heavenly Father: I am a sinner, but I repent my sin to ask Jesus to come into my heart to be my Lord and savior. Lord, give me wisdom, guidance, blessing, mercy, grace for my clinical, capstone program. Lord, improve my communication skill, you talk to the nurses through my mouth. Lord, put me in SF VA Tele unit for CP, job. Lord, give me divine protection; let me find favor in the eyes of VP, JH, H, Vu who will give me good recommendation. Lord, assign me the Pt I’ve prepared for, the nicest nurses who will give me good recommendation; I’ll answer VP’s Qs perfectly on Oct 28.
Willa | 16 hours 44 min ago
I need a steady full time good paying job asap. praying for my husband Richard to be heal of diabetes. praying for my uncle Eugene to find Jesus Christ salvation, love, love of people, love of family, Favor with god and man. financial help, a new car. praying our landlord will renew our lease without any problems asking this in the name of Jesus Christ amen
laurie | 16 hours 54 min ago
Please pray for my daughter Taylor that The Lord will free her from drugs and bring her back to a relationship with Him.
dan | 17 hours 4 min ago
For and end to abortion, war, poverty, hatred, greed, homosexual activity, infidelity any and all sins of the flesh and every sin that attacks the family. That each of us can be a piece of peace in the world. That we all become one through Our Lord who won salvation for us.
Diane | 17 hours 10 min ago
Lenard provide support for his child now that he is working two jobs
zellie | 17 hours 22 min ago
I have only been able to find part-time work for the past six and a half years--and this has taken a huge toll on my savings. I finally ended up broke and bankrupt. I feel so ashamed and confused. Please, God, help me get my hope and motivation back so that I can rebuild my life and be happy. Thank you.
Beth | 17 hours 29 min ago
Pl pray for me to overcome my financial problem and depression.
t | 17 hours 34 min ago
Two months ago I had a terrible fall and completely fractured my wrist. Since then I have been having a hard time sleeping. I feel sleep deprived. My ears are ringing almost all the time because I'm so tired, it's affecting my ears. My whole body is shaking from deep within. It feels like electric shocks going through my body. I visited the doctor many times. The doctor said that it is anxiety. My heart has been going fast. My blood pressure it up. And I can't sleep well. Please pray for peace and proper sleep. Thank you.
Christopher | 17 hours 50 min ago
Asking for strong community prayer support: Lifting up all present & future leaders [everyone who wields moderate to significant to substantial [anyof the following]: power,influence,authority,control, popularity, acceptibility,approval: in: Russia, N. Korea, China,ISIS, Al Kaida,Teleban [all fundamentalistic to radical Islamic groups]--1) an ever increasing growth in their openness,receptiveness, attractions,love,desires for the absolute fullness of Christ,the Faith,Mary as their mother & queen of heaven & earth;the love of God
chuck | 17 hours 55 min ago
I beg for prayers for my daughter, Angela, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a single mom who also suffers from Crohn's disease. I also beg prayers for myself. I am to have back surgery very soon and hope to be well enough to help my daughter through her recovery. Thank you so much! God bless you always.
Regina | 18 hours 5 min ago
Asking for strong community prayer support: For truly infinite vast oceans of ever increasingly more deep, intensive, thorough, pervasive,complete,permanent growth: 1) In opening the minds,hearts, souls, atti-tudes ever more fully to the absolute fullness of Christ,His gospels, the Faith & circumcision of hearts, infinite vast oceans of healing of all scorched,scared,seared,broken,distortions of: conscience, thinking, reasonins,sight: for all leaders of [liberal-radical womens' organizations & all US leaders-pres.& future
chuck | 18 hours 21 min ago
Asking for strong prayer support: 1) For truly infinite vast oceans of ever increasingly more deep, inten-sive, thorough, pervasive, complete, permanent growth in: 1) complete eradication, purgation, clean-sing, healing--right down thru the very deepest root, seed & including all contributory causes of the cancer & tumors in: [Sally, Julie, Joe] including all of their emotional, psychological, mental, physiological & Spiri-tual needs & for: Louis & Jeff 2) absolute mastery in piano,keyboard,scales,writing verse [prose,poetry
chuck | 18 hours 25 min ago
Please pray for mine and Js relationship for God to bless us so we may spend our lives together use the miles between us to bring us closer
Amber | 19 hours 11 min ago
Prayers are needed for the ___________Soccer Team to win the Regional Finals __________and to move forward to win the State Championship . This team has played hard all season long, please pray for their success and victories.
sonya | 19 hours 32 min ago
Please, pray that I receive emergency financial aid.I am having serious financial problems. Please, pray that my job interview bear fruit.
Paul | 20 hours 48 min ago
Please heal my child. Guide us, bring us peace, bring her to good health. Protect her and our family from harm and sickness. Guide those who advise us, and help us to make the right decisions.
Jessica | 21 hours 44 min ago
That our entire family is healthy, happy and safe. For Matt. Let his job be great, let him excel at it and be happy and content. Let him get a promotion and a raise. Let him find someone. For Larry, let him be completely okay. For me, let me be completely okay and have nothing seriously wrong.
MSL | 21 hours 44 min ago
Dear Father,our son need your finishing grace for his new job papers&other visa formalities this week..Amen.Thanks to ministry,Glory&Honor to God.
AV | 22 hours 39 min ago
Dear Lord please take care of my daughter and her son that they will have a happy, healthy and safe life. Please let my daughter recover from her illnesses so that she can be here to finish raising her son. Please, please help her to find a job. She really needs your help. She tries so hard. Blessed Mother ask your son to please help them. PRAYING FOR A VERY SPECIAL INTENTION FOR DINA AND DOMINICK PLEASE PRAY FOR HER that her breast cancer will stay in remission. RIP Ski we love and miss you RIP Aunt Rosie we love and miss you RIP MOM PLEASE PRAY FOR ME
BLS | 23 hours 32 min ago
Please pray for my uncle Huberto for a fast healing. He was taken to the hospital for a cardiac arrest but now they say his heart is failing. I know with prayers anything is possible. Please lord we beg for your healing hand and your miracle touch. Amen
Sarah | 23 hours 47 min ago
Please pray for a man in his early fifties who is suffering through the degenerative stages of ALS. Please also pray for his wife and two daughters. Thank you.
NM | 23 hours 50 min ago
Please pray for my granddaughter Nicole who is writing matric exams for GOD's love favor upon her and that Nicole will pass with distinctions and she will be focused and know that GOD is holding her hand I also pray that she will be calm an not stress Thank you kindly Pam
Pam | 23 hours 56 min ago
Please pray for our cat Maxx. He had an adverse reaction to a cortisone shot that caused him to go into congestive heart failure and it damaged his kidneys. Please pray that God will heal Maxx's kidneys and his heart and restore his body and restore his health. Maxx needs a physical healing miracle from God.
Keith | 1 day 1 hour ago
Blessed Mother please help my boyfriend forgive and love me and realise he's being unreasonable and blind to his own faults. I said something I shouldn't have and betrayed his trust but he won't forgive me. Please bring him back to me urgently.
anon | 1 day 2 hours ago
Please help pray that there be good health, salvation, peace, love, joy and fellowship in the family for my parents and myself. Thanks.
Ah | 1 day 4 hours ago
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