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Mission of the Catholic Renewal Center

"To stir into flame the culture of Pentecost through a fuller awakening of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, thus being empowered to bring Christ to others with new energy and new enthusiasm."    





Still looking for Miracles? We were blessed with the Miracle Healing Service led by Damian Stayne this past October, but Jesus can still do miracles every week. Every Tuesday night there is an Archdiocesan- wide Healing Mass at St. Alban Roe at 7pm. This Mass is sponsored by the Catholic Renewal Center and has prayer teams available after Mass for individual prayer. Confessions are also available after Mass. THIS MASS IS TEMPORARILY CANCELLED WHILE WE FIND A NEW LOCATION.  One example of the charism of miracles manifesting as our prayer team prayed is a man who had lost his hearing. As the miracle was witnessed, fluid started pouring forth from his ears and he regained his hearing. He had lost 95% of his hearing from Meniere's Disease and as the Lord continued to miraculously heal him, he returned to the team the next week reporting that his doctors had determined that he had regained 85% of his hearing. The Catholic Renewal Center also has Regular Healing Sessions on the second Tuesdays and first Wednesdays of each month. For an appointment for these sessions please call Anne Hruz at 314-427-7786.


Find the On-line registration for the Life in the Spirit Seminars HERE.

Looking for Upcoming Events, Recurring Events, and Healing/Deliverance sessions? Please see the complete listing on our Events Page or the upcoming events on the  Calendar of Events Page.


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Pamphlets on various topics of the Gifts and Charisms of the Holy Spirit are on sale at the Catholic Renewal Center for 50 cents each.  Please call 314-427-7786 for more information.



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