The ProLife Profile is a quarterly educational publication designed as a parish bulletin insert. The Profile features timely articles on life issues and updates on local and national pro-life events from a Catholic perspective.

Please click here for individual articles printed in the ProLife Profile that are available for online viewing within the website. You may also use the search tool to find ProLife Profile articles by keyword.  All ProLife Profile articles are labeled as part of the "ProLife Profile" section of the website.

The ProLife Profile is available free to all parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. If your parish does not currently subscribe to the ProLife Profile, talk to your pastor about this free educational resource. 

Profiles from the previous two years are made available to view online. Hard copies of older editions are available from our office.

To view the entire printed version of each newsletter, please download the PDF of an issue from the archive below.


January 2017
April 2017 - 
Citiations for "Do We Really Need Planned Parenthood" article (pdf)
July 2017


January 2016
April 2016 -
 Citations for "Health or Hogwash" article (pdf)
July 2016
October 2016


October 2015