Right START School Resources

Right START - Students Tackling Abortion Realities Today

Thank you for bringing Right START to your students!  

Parent Meetings

One goal of the Right START is to help parents continue conversations with their teens about these important life decisions.  We encourage all parents of 8th graders to attend one of our parent meetings.  During the meeting, parents learn what material will be presented to their children, have an opportunity to ask questions of Right START teachers, and obtain important information about pro-life and chastity topics.  OLG StudentsAlthough schools are asked to sign up for a specific parent meeting in their geographic region, parents unable to make that date are free to attend any other parent meeting.

To assist you in letting parents know of the parent meeting for your school, a flyer can be downloaded by clicking here.  You may add in your specific meeting date, time, and location.

An outline of the Right START program is avaliable here for parents interested in knowing the topics covered by the program.

Prior to Your Right START Class

In most cases, a courier service will deliver a box of materials for your Right START class to your school 2-4 weeks in advance of your scheduled class date.  Please have this box in the room(s) where your 8th graders will be having Right START on the class date.

In addition, the contact person or alternative contact person listed on your registration will be contacted 1-2 weeks before your class to ensure that the materials have arrived and to check in with you about any changes which we should be aware of (such as special student situation, change in lunch time, change in location, etc.). 

If there is an emergency or weather-related change the morning of your scheduled class, please contact your Right START teacher directly.

Tips and Resources for Schools

In order to ensure a great experience for your students, we encourage schools to have the same teacher with the 8th graders the entire day, if at all possible.  We have found that a homeroom teacher or religion teacher is ideal.  This allows for a better flow of the day and gives the school and teacher an opportunity to follow up as necessary after the Right START class.