Don't Be Complacent


Nothing is so simple, yet so complex; so fundamental and so fragile; nothing is so amazing or profound; nothing so wonderful, nor so blessed by our creator, God, Our Father in Heaven and His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We know that our God is a God of life. He proved it in the very beginning when He created man and woman to share in His immense joy. He proved it again when His only begotten son became man. And He proved His love for life when Christ conquered death by rising from the tomb on the first Easter morning.

Today, on this the 41st anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, I want to share with you something former Archbishop of St. Louis John May said:

"Let us never allow January 22nd to become a day met with complacency. Let us grieve the horrors of abortion, fears its consequences, rejoice because of the lives we have succeeded in saving, and hope that with God's help we will change the conscience of our nation."

Whether you're reading this from the comfort of your living room, from your desk at work, or from a hotel room in Washington, D.C., take these words to heart. Spend some time in prayer and reflection. Take a moment and set your resolve not to let this day pass like just another day.

There are so many of our fellow brothers and sisters who do not know just how much God loves them and loves life. Imagine a young, pregnant woman. She may be scared, alone, and unaware of God's great mercy and love. Or imagine the worried parents of a young man who is now the father of an unborn child. These are the people we need to help. You have a gift of inestimable worth. Remind yourself that God loves life, and share this good news with others, today, tomorrow, and until LIFE reigns supreme.

Together, we can build a culture of life. So, on behalf of the staff and volunteers of the Respect Life Apostolate, thank you for all that you do to support the precious gift of life.

In Christ's love,

Karen Nolkemper
Executive Director
Respect Life Apostolate

P.S., if you feel God is calling you to stand up for life in a direct way, please considering supporting the life-affirming efforts of the Respect Life Apostolate. Simply reply to this email if you would like to know more about volunteer opportunities, or click this link if you would like to make a financial contribution.
Thank you again for all that you do.