Respect Life Apostolate

Respect Life Apostolate

The Respect Life Apostolate (RLA) promotes the Catholic Church’s teachings on respect for and legal protection of every human life from conception to natural death by coordinating educational, spiritual, pastoral, and public policy advocacy efforts with particular focus on those issues in the culture that threaten life - abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and unethical advances in scientific technology.

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Missouri Bishops Release Open Letter on Death Penalty

PrisonToday the Missouri bishops sent an open letter to Governor Jay Nixon, Attorney General Chris Koster, and other Missouri officials expressing "grave concerns" with the death penalty. The letter is signed by Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson (Archbishop of St. Louis), Most Reverend Robert W. Finn (Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph), Most reverend John R. Gaydos (Bishop of Jefferson City) and Most Reverend James V. Johnston, Jr. (Bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau).  The letter states in part:

We, the Catholic bishops of Missouri, write this open letter to express grave concern with the rapid acceleration of executions in recent months. Since November 2013, Missouri has executed 15 individuals, nearly one a month. We wonder how much thought can be given to the circumstances of each defendant when these executions are carried out so routinely. Pleas for clemency are ignored, even when defendants are profoundly impaired by severe mental illness or traumatic brain injury...

We recall the 1999 visit of Pope John Paul II to St. Louis where he challenged us on the death penalty to become "unconditionally pro-life." Just as we see the likeness of God in an innocent child, we must learn to see the same ina criminal, even as we condemn the sin committed. Out of a desire for retribution, we must not surrender the belief that all human life is sacred...

We urge you take a stand for life, mercy and justice. We must begin to take steps to end the death penalty. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you seek to secure the common good of our state.

The entirety of the Bishops' letter can be read by clicking here.

In 2014, Missouri executed ten men, tying Texas as having the most executions for that year. Missouri has already executed three men in 2015, most recently putting to death Andre Cole on April 7.


Action Alert: Add Funding for "Show-Me Healthy Babies" Program

Synopsis:  The Missouri House Appropriations Committee will be debating the budget next week, February 9-13.  Contact them early next week and urge them to add funding for the "Show-Me Healthy Babies" health insurance program for unborn children.

BabyBackground:  Last year, Missouri legislators enacted a new health insurance program that provides health insurance coverage for the unborn children of low-income working families. It was one of the major pro-life victories for 2014.

An overwhelming bi-partisan majority of state lawmakers agreed to expand the current Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to include children before birth - something that 15 other states have already done. 
Unfortunately, Gov. Nixon did not include funding for this vital program in the budget he announced last month for fiscal year 2016. 

The good news is that legislators can add funding for "Show Me Healthy Babies" despite the Governor's refusal to do so. Appropriations and Budget Committee members will begin intensive committee meetings next week - starting on Monday, Feb. 9 at noon - and a decision on whether to fund "Show-Me Healthy Babies" might be made sometime later in the week.

Act:  Click here to contact the House Appropriations Committee members.

A Pro-Life Generation!

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Hear some of our Archdiocese youth share why they are pro-life and chose to participate in this year's March for Life!

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