Episcopal Ordination of the Most Reverend Mark S. Rivituso

Rite of Episcopal Ordination
of the Most Reverend
Mark Steven Rivituso
as Titular Bishop of Turuzi
and Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 2:00 p.m.
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

Symbols of a Bishop
Biographical Information and Coat of Arms
Announcement from the St. Louis Review   

The Rite of Ordination

ImagePresentation of the Elect

Reverend Monsignor Patrick Hambrough
Vicar Forane of Southeast County Deanery of Archdiocese of Saint Louis

Apostolic Letter

This letter, the official document from the Holy Father which calls Bishop-elect Rivituso to ordination as Titular Bishop of Turuzi and Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis, is read by The Reverend Monsignor Jerome D. Billing, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, Defender of the Bond.

Consent of the People

After the reading of the letter, all are asked to show their joyful acceptance of this appointment by applause.

Promise of the Elect

Following an ancient custom of the Church, Archbishop Carlson questions the bishop-elect about his resolve to fulfill the responsibilities of the episcopal ministry.

Litany of Supplication

Invitation to Prayer

While Bishop-elect Rivituso lies prostrate on the floor, all join in prayer for him and for the Church.

Laying on of Hands and Prayer of Ordination

ImageIn silence, Archbishop Carlson imposes hands on Bishop-elect Rivituso, invoking the power of the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit given by Christ to the apostles. The co-consecrators and all the other bishops also impose hands, signifying that the ordination of a bishop is a collegial act of the order of bishops, incorporating a new member into their community, for the service of the Church.

Book of the Gospels

The Book of the Gospels is placed over the head of Bishop-elect Rivituso as a sign of the power of  God’s Word. This ancient rite, dating back to the fifth or sixth century, signifies the “yoke of the Gospel,” reminding the new bishop that one of his chief responsibilities is to preach the Good News. The Book of the Gospels is held above the Bishop-elect's head until the end of the Prayer of Ordination.

Prayer of Consecration

While the Book of the Gospels is held above the head of Bishop-elect Rivituso, the other bishops present join in the Prayer of Consecration. This ancient prayer, used already at the beginning of the third century for the ordination of a bishop, invokes the power of the Holy Spirit upon the newly-ordained and recalls the importance and role of the bishop within the Church community.

Anointing of the Head and the Handing on of the
Book of the Gospels and the Insignia

Anointing of the Head

The head of the new bishop is anointed, signifying the full share in the priesthood of Christ which he has received through the Laying on of Hands and the Prayer of Consecration.

Presentation of the Book of the Gospels

Bishop Rivituso is commissioned to evangelize with great patience as he is presented with the Book of the Gospels.

Investiture with Ring, Miter and Pastoral Staff

The new bishop is now invested with the signs of his office. The ring symbolizes his authority and fidelity to Christ and his espousal to Christ’s bride, the Church. The miter is a sign of his role as herald of truth. The crosier is a sign of his ministry as a spiritual shepherd.

Kiss of Peace

Bishop Rivituso sets aside the pastoral staff and receives the kiss of peace from the principal consecrator and all the other bishops.