Church Documents Online

Church Documents in the Library


  • The Christian faith in the doctrinal documents of the Catholic Church, 7th ed. edited by Nuener and Dupuis
    REF  263.08 N494c 2001
    Magisterial teachings topically arranged with indexes and Denzinger concordance. Most up to date English collection.
  • Enchiridion Symbolorum. 37th ed.  Edited by H. Denzinger & A. Schönmetzer
    REF 230.2 D417e 1996
    "Denzinger," usually cited in theological works by DS number. This is the standard compendium of Magisterial teachings in chronological order. Latin with German translations -- no current English edition available.
    Older English translations are listed below. They are useful but lack more recent magisterial documents and do not correspond to the current Denzenger numbering system (revised in the 32nd edition)
    • The Church Teaches: Documents of the Church in English Translation edited John Clarkson. English translation of Denzinger, 29th edition (1950) Arranged topically.
      REF 230.2 C363ch
    • Sources of Catholic Dogma translated Roy Defferari. English translation of Denzenger, 30th edition (1957). Follows chronological order. Also available online
      230.2 D417s

Collections (in English translation)

  • Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils edited, translated by Norman Tanner.
    REF 262.05 D298t
    2 vols. Greek/Latin with English transl. Subject index.
  • Papal Encyclicals: 1740-1981. 5 vols. REF 263.08 C363p
    Full text with subject index, complete through 1981.
  • Papal Pronouncements: 1740-1978. 2 vols. REF  263.52 C278p
    Citations & brief abstracts, subject index.
  • John Paul II Documents
    • Encyclicals  263.81 J65en
    • Apostolic Constitutions  262.91 J65ac
    • Apostolic Exhortations  262 J65a
    • Apostolic Letters 262.91 J65a

Collections (in original languages)

  • Mansi Sacrorum conciliorum Church Councils (both regional and ecumenical) 53 vols.
    REF   262.08 M288 also available online
  • Bullarum privilegiorum ac diplomatum Romanorum Pontificium Papal Bulls 450-1740 AD. 14+ vols
    REF 262.9 C363b

Periodicals (indexed in Catholic Periodical and Literature Index)

  • Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
    Cited as AAS; the official source for documents and speeches of the Pope, in addition to the acts and decisions of congregations and other curial bodies. In original language, most frequently Latin.
  • L'Osservatore Romano
    Official Vatican weekly in English. Includes papal and curial documents. 
  • The Pope Speaks.
    Selected papal as well as other Vatican documents.
  • Origins available in print and online