The classic
Christmas story - the story of Jesus being born in a manger, shepherds
coming to visit and kings following a star to find this infant child -
is a story filled with stewardship messages. As you remember the
Christmas story this year in your school try to incorporate these
stewardship lessons.

Lesson from the Infant Jesus

There is no shame in being poor.

is interesting to note that while throughout his adult life Jesus
always taught us to give and to serve, He first came into this world as
one who needed assistance. It was no accident that He was born without
a place to lay His head. In coming to our world in this way Jesus
shows us there is no shame in being poor. A risk we take when we
practice stewardship is that we may begin to think of ourselves as
better or luckier than someone in need and consciously or unconsciously
look down upon those who need our generosity. When we look down upon
the poor we look down upon the infant Jesus Himself.

Lesson from the Shepherds

We all have gifts to give.

shepherds came from the fields bringing only themselves and their
sheep. Yet their interest in Jesus was enough to win them a place in
the Christmas story for all times. What is their stewardship message
to us? Even if all we have to give is our interest, our caring, and
our time to come and visit; those are important gifts to give.

Lesson from the Wise Men

Just worshipping Jesus isn't enough.

Wise Men present an entirely different message than the shepherds.
Like most of us, these were men with many blessings. They are praised
in the Christmas story not just for coming to worship Jesus but also
for bringing Him gifts. The lesson is that just going to church is not
enough. We also are expected to bring our gifts with us.