Recently, I
received a simple, yet beautiful, thank-you note. It was done in
crayon. On the cover, neatly written in purple, in the careful new
handwriting of possibly a 3rd grader, were the words, "Thank You."
A red rose bud was also drawn on the cover. Inside was a printed
message saying "On behalf of the parents, faculty and students we would
like to thank you for your support this year. Your generosity has
enabled us to continue our Mission of educating the whole child -
academically, emotionally and spiritually." It was signed by the
pastor and principal of the school.

This little card
probably didn't take a tremendous amount of effort. Two cards could
have been cut from a regular 8½ x 11" piece of paper. The greeting
could have been pre-printed on the inside of the cards before they were
cut and distributed to the students for their unique artistic
contributions. If each student created a special front for three or
four cards you would probably have enough to send one to every envelope
user in your parish. What a great project for Thanksgiving or Catholic Schools Week!

The advantage of such a project is two-fold.

  1. It helps students realize that other people are making contributions to their Catholic education.
  2. It shows the parishioners that the students are being taught to be grateful.