Feast of Saint Louis IX, King of France

Saint Louis IX, the city of St. Louis' namesake, is a great saint of the middle ages. We celebrate his feast day today, August 25, and look to his example of great faith and generosity as a model for our own lives.

Statue of St. Louis, King of France (photo by Jeff Geerling).

Some of St. Louis' life is recounted on this website on a page titled Saint Louis, King of France:

Louis gave generous gifts of money to poor people whether others considered them worthy or not. He also built hospitals and homes for those who needed them. He is quoted as saying, "I would rather my extravagance should be in almsgiving for the love of God than in the pomp and vainglory of this world."

In 1254, Louis issued his Great Ordinance. His officials had to swear to give justice to all. They could accept no bribes and allow no gifts to their wives, children, or other close family members. Finally, they could not buy land in the territories they served.

Most of all, Louis seemed to enjoy the company of other people, especially his family and the guests he had to meals. "Nothing," he said, "beats a free and friendly conversation."

You can read more about St. Louis' life on our own website, and you can also find a beautiful statement of faith in St. Louis' last instructions to his eldest son, Philip III, on the 'fisheaters' website.

Three Centuries of Catholicism

As Catholics in the Archdiocese of St. Louis,       

in communion with the Bishop of Rome

we are called by our Lord Jesus Christ

to be His Church and live His Gospel

With joy, we strive to fulfill

our Baptismal calling by prayer and worship,

teaching and sharing our faith,

serving others, and fostering unity in diversity,

Guided by the Holy Spirit.

we commit ourselves to the responsible stewardship

       of all God's gifts.

The year 2001 marked the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Diocese of St. Louis in 1826. To highlight the occasion, the archdiocese prepared this historical sketch of some of the people and events that have made St. Louis a uniquely Catholic region. The inspired leaders, the milestone organizations and the historic moments are presented as stories that reveal the hidden power of God in the lives of those who were baptized "with the Holy Spirit and fire" (Mt 3:11).

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