Metropolitan Tribunal

The Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of St. Louis is a court of the Catholic Church charged with the responsibility of seeking and administering justice. Read More: The Pastoral Goal of the Metropolitan Tribunal.

Tribunal Staff

Judicial Vicar:
Reverend Nicholas E. Kastenholz, J.C.L.

Adjutant Judicial Vicars:
Rev. Philip J. Bene’, JCD
Rev. Aaron P. Nord, JCD 

Appellate Tribunal Officer:
Reverend Monsignor John B. Shamleffer, J.C.L., M.C.L. 

Defender of the Bond:
Reverend Dennis M. Doyle, J.C.L.  

Promoter of Justice:
Reverend Monsignor Jerome D. Billing, J.C.L.

Ecclesiastical Notaries:
Mrs. Patricia Lanasa
Mrs. Ann Merten

Sr. Robin Nordyke, C.D.P., J.C.L.

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