Alive in Christ! Scholarship Program - How to Apply

Who Can Apply: 

 This program is open to all families with new students entering the Kindergarten through the 4th Grade or Catholic families with students currently attending a Catholic  elementary school who are in the Kindergarten through 8th Grade. 

For a list of participating schools Click Here.
For a list of Archdiocesan Special Education Schools Click Here.

Awards:  The minimum award amount per child is $1,000 per year.  The maximum award amount per child is $2,000 per year.  Please note:   The scholarship will follow the family through the 8th grade as long as the family continues to meet financial eligibility and the child(ren) remain a student in good standing in an Archdiocesan elementary school.  


For families currently receiving the Alive in Christ Scholarship: previously awarded families are required to requalify annuallyto maintain their scholarship.  

For further information concerning the Alive in Christ Scholarship Program application process, please visit our new website at