HTHT K-4 Program - How to Apply

Who Can Apply: 

This program is open to all families that reside within the St. Louis City limits,  demonstrate financial need, and whose child(ren) is not currently attending a parochial or private elementary school. 

Awards:  Depending upon a family's financial need, an eligible applicant can receive up to 75% of their school's tuition or a maximum of $2,000 per year. 

Please note:  The scholarship will follow the family through the 8th grade as long as the family continues to meet financial eligibility,  maintains St. Louis City residency,  and the child(ren) remains a student(s) in good standing at a private or parochial school in the city of St. Louis.  

Awarded families are required to re-qualify annually to maintain their scholarship.  Image

 Once awarded, scholarships are transferable to any private or parochial school in the city of St. Louis. 

For further information concerning the application process for all Today and Tomorrow Scholarships please visit our new website at