Promotion and Publicizing Eucharistic Adoration in the Parish

Key Factors Contributing to the Successful Institution of Perpetual Adoration and Increased Participation in Eucharistic Adoration 

  1. Pastor's firm belief in the graces of Eucharistic Adoration and communication of these graces to his parishioners,
  2. Primary responsibility for Eucharistic Adoration resting with a Lay Coordinator and a committee, which report to the Pastor or his designee,
  3. Six to eight people meet once a week to pray for success,
  4. Regular, eye catching bulletin notes (see below, "Promotion and Publicizing in the Parish"),
  5. Expertise of an experienced coordinator from another successful parish (Also see sign-up weekends),
  6. Confidence that Perpetual Adoration is easier to initiate than 1-2 days a week,
  7. Assistance from an experienced guest homilist to promote adoration on sign-up weekend (please refer to list below and - also see sign-up weekends)   

Children's Adoration

  • Arrange an adult and children holy hour (program/schedule)
  • Encourage teachers to bring students to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
  • Encourage parents to bring their children to their Holy Hour.
  • Use children's prayer card for Eucharistic Adoration (Archbishop's Committee on Eucharistic Adoration) or similar prayers.

jpg Prayers for Childrens’ Visit with Jesus during Eucharistic Adoration

Sign-up Weekends

To increase participation in Eucharistic Adoration, conduct a sign-up weekend every 2-3 years. It is usually best to have a guest priest as a homilist at all Sunday Masses on a weekend (emphasizing the importance, graces/blessing, etc) to inspire people to signup to participate in Eucharistic Adoration. Sign-up forms and pencils should be available in the pews.


Vacant Hour Suggestions

 Vacant Hour Suggestion .doc

 Vacant Hour Suggestion.pdf



Letter of invitation to New Catholics from the RCIA

Compose a letter to the newly initiated welcoming them and informing them of the adoration times in your parish. Click here for a sample.