Disciplus Institute- Theology of Pope Francis

Disciplus is the brand new faith formation program for young adults in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  St. Louis Young Adults is collaborating with the Paul VI Institute to bring you these short and information filled classes. Each class will meet weekly for about four weeks (depending on the class) and will offer a deeper look into topics that can help you understand and practice your faith in a more real way.

Disciplus is the Latin word for Disciple. Christ is calling each of us to follow him more fully in our own lives.  All too often we stop learning about our faith when we exit Catholic schools.  It's often been said that "you can't love what you don't know." Through these classes, we invite young adults to get to know their faith so that they can dive deeper into their relationship with Christ.

“All too often, when we finish our last Religious Ed Class in high school or college, we stop learning about our faith", says Brian Miller, Director of the Office of Young Adult Ministry. "Disciplus offers an opportunity to grow in our knowledge of God, which in turn hopefully helps us to love God even more. I’m really excited to see how this new program will benefit the young adult community.”

For more information on the Disciplus Institute and to register for April's class, "The Theology of Pope Francis", please visit the Office of Young Adult Ministry's website.