Our Beliefs on God, the Father: 

Our Beliefs on Jesus, His Son:

Our Beliefs on the Holy Spirit:

Our Beliefs on our Church, Life, and Death:

*The Nicene Creed

When one says “I believe” something he or she is saying, “I put my personal stamp of approval on this belief.”  Further, we as Catholic’s have the gift of the Magisterium interpreting Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  It is important that we as Catholics have one standard belief statement or creed, so that we can pray together as one unified Church.  The Catholic Church has handed down the faith from the very beginning.  Thus, the Church Fathers wanted to summarize the faith found in the Old and New Testaments into a short and concise “profession of faith.”  “We call these professions of faith “creeds” because usually they begin with the words, “I believe” which in Latin is credo.  Sometimes the creeds are also called ‘symbols of faith’.”  “The symbol of faith, then, is a sign of recognition and communion between believers.” (CCC187-188) The Nicene Creed is the fruit of the first two ecumenical Councils in 325 and 381 and all the great Churches of the East and West use it to this day.  “As on the day of our Baptism, when our whole life was entrusted to the “standard of teaching,” let us embrace the Creed of our life-giving faith.  To say the Credo with faith is to enter into communion with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and also with the whole Church which transmits the faith to us and in whose midst we believe: This Creed is the spiritual seal, our hearts’ meditation and ever-present guardian; it is, unquestionably, the treasure of our soul” (CCC197).