Holy Father's Final Words at the Trans World Dome

Peace - the peace of Christ - to all: to my Brother Cardinals
and Bishops - so many here today - the Pastors of the Church
in America.

A special greeting to the Priests, who carry forward with love
the daily pastoral care of God's people.

My thanks to you all for this beautiful liturgy!

I appreciate very much your enthusiastic participation and
your spirit of prayer.

Again, I express my gratitude to Archbishop Rigali, your Pastor,
and to everyone who cooperated in preparing this great event.

(Polish) I cordially greet my fellow Poles in America, particularly
those living in St. Louis. I thank you for remembering me in
your prayers. God bless you all!

A special word of affection goes to the sick, those in prison,
and all who suffer in mind and body.

My gratitude and esteem go also to our brothers and sisters
who, in a spirit of ecumenical friendship, have shared this
wonderful moment with us.