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“It is important to remember that the Church is present in the world of communications, in all its forms, most of all to lead people to an encounter with the Lord Jesus. Only an encounter with Jesus can transform human hearts and human history.” - Pope Francis 
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The Catholic Communication Campaign is an annual archdiocesan special collection. The collection impacts directly the work of global and local communications efforts, including how we are able to support parish needs. Thanks to a targeted campaign (half stays in St. Louis; half goes to the USCCB) and the generosity of parishes like yours, we are happy to report that our archdiocese is able to make possible the radio Mass in areas like Ste. Genevieve and the televised Mass for those who are homebound, improvements to our technology so that we can reach a more mobile Catholic population, and the annual Communications Colloquium, which provides communications and marketing resources and instruction to our local schools, parishes, and agencies, assisting them as they spread the Gospel message.

This year the collection is scheduled for the weekend of May 20-21. In an effort to promote it, we are asking for your help. Please use the following items provided in the electronic Catholic Communications parish kit attached in this email. The first three items also may be found at

These resources include:

  1. Bulletin insert: Please insert in your bulletin the weekend prior to the collection (5/13-14). This could be sent to your printer as a full page or printed and inserted separately.
  2. Bulletin announcements: Alternatively, you may publish the short-form bulletin announcements the week prior (5/13-14), the week of (5/20-21) and the week following (5/27-28) the collection.
  3. Talking points: Please consider incorporating the included talking points into your post-Mass announcements the weekend of the collection (5/20-21).

We appreciate your support of Catholic communications here in our archdiocese. With your assistance, we can advance our efforts to spread the Gospel message and the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ to all those who would hear it. 

Christine Shicker, regional marketing manager with EWTN joins the Catholic Gateway Podcast to talk about marketing the Catholic Church in today's world, and you'll hear from Elizabeth Westhoff, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, about the Catholic Communications Campaign which is set to take place May 20-21, 2017.