Pope Francis on Interreligious Dialogue

In Jan. 13, 2015, Pope Francis spoke to representatives of different religions in Sri Lanka emphasizing the necessity for dialogue.

St. Louis Women of Faith in Dialogue 

Speakers and participants from the 2016 Women's Interfaith Conference talking about the importance of interreligious dialogue.


Interreligious Reflection: Humanization and Dialogue 

James Comninellis, Outreach and Resources Coordinator for our office shares an experience of interreligious engagement that brought out the humanity of a Muslim friend.

Together in Prayer for Peace

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, Pope Francis' senior advisor on interreligious dialogue and president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, addresses representatives of the world's major religions in London 2013.


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Interreligious Mapping


What does interreligious dialogue look like?

What does the Church say about interreligious relations?

What interreligious dialogues are happening locally?

As a pastor, how do I engage in interreligious dialogue?

As a lay person, how do I engage in interreligious dialogue?

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