High School Religion Curriculum

Religious Education is meant to provide a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive, and systematic presentation of Catholic beliefs so that students will grow in their personal relationship with God, be knowledgeable about their Catholic faith, and integrate these beliefs and traditions into their personal lives.

The United States Bishops have determined that there should be a core curriculum for Catholic high schools and high school parish schools of religion throughout the United States. To help achieve this end the Bishops have produced a document entitled: Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age.

To assist high school religion teachers and catechists, the Archdiocese of Saint Louis has developed a Companion document to accompany the Curriculum Framework. Contained in this Curriculum Framework and Companion can be found the content and concepts which should form all high school religion programs: these include message (doctrine), community, worship and prayer, service, sacraments, scripture, tradition, morality, social justice, vocations, and evangelization. These will be found throughout a religion curriculum which is comprehensive and structured.

Because the aim of catechesis is intimacy with Jesus Christ (CT, no. 5), each course should be Christological, centering on the person of Jesus Christ. This religious instruction should also be apologetical and should be designed to help young people develop the necessary attitude, values and skills to answer or address the real questions that they face in life or questions that are posed by others. The content for each course can be found in the USCCB Curriculum Framework. The attitudes, values, skills, activities and additional resources are to be found in the Saint Louis Companion.

The following are the six core curriculum courses and the five elective courses which are developed in the USCCB Curriculum Framework.

First Year Semester Courses:
The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture
Who is Jesus Christ?
Second Year Semester Courses:
The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)
Jesus Christ's Mission Continues in the Church
Third Year Semester Courses:
Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ
Life in Jesus
Fourth Year Semester Courses (choose two of the electives):
Sacred Scripture
History of the Catholic Church
Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society
Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ
Ecumenical and Interreligious Issues 

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