National Migration Week | Semana Nacional de la Migración 2014

We join in prayer and solidarity with the migrants of the world.  As our US Church celebrates National Migration Week (Jan 5-11), we ask God for continue resolve as we reach out to those in need, especially the immigrants and migrants in our local communities.  And may Christ be the light that guides our path out of the darkness into greater unity.  
A prayer for migrants

Nos unimos en oración y solidaridad con los migrantes del mundo.  Al celebrar la con la iglesia (enero 5-11), le pedimos a Dios que nos de la determinación  para continuar acompañando nuestras/os hermanas/os inmigrantes en nuestras comunidades.  Que Cristo sea nuestra luz que nos guía fuera de la oscuridad hacia una unión más fraternal.  Oración por los migrantes


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
This week marks National Migration Week. This year’s theme is “Out of the Darkness” referring to the figurative darkness where many immigrants, especially vulnerable immigrants like children, the undocumented, refugees, and victims of human trafficking, find themselves while living in the shadows or on the margins of society in the United States. The Catholic Church seeks to helps these groups come out of the darkness to live full lives in their communities.

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