Office of Natural Family Planning

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A new generation of St. Louis OBGyn Residents are embracing
true women’s health through the new scientific approach to 
natural family planning.


What Can NFP do for You?

  • Less than 5% of couples who use Natural Family Planning have marriages which end in divorce.
  • Natural Family Planning is 97-99% effective when used to avoid a pregnancy and is also effective when used to achieve a pregnancy.
  • Couples who use Natural Family Planning report it improves communication and adds intimacy to the relationship.

What is NFP and How Does It Work?

Barring any medical problems, men are always fertile. Women alternate between periods of fertility and infertility. By cooperating with this cycle, couples effectively achieve or avoid pregnancy. For more information and a brief description of the methods, click here or cursor over the method name to link to their national websites. 

For Engaged Couples 

To find a listing of introductory sessions in the Archdiocese click here.

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On Love & Life: An Evening of Conversation, Wine and Wisdom


Join us! Sip, nosh and mingle with others (singles, couples, religious) seeking to deepen their faith and understanding.

The Catholic Church’s teaching about marriage, sexuality, life, and fertility is beautiful and rooted in natural order as God created. 

For more information click here.

Annual Family Gathering for the Love & Life Mass And Dinner

You & your family are invited to enjoy an evening of faith, fellowship and fun in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of Humanae Vitae (July 25, 1968), a foundation encyclical on family love & the sanctity of life.

Join friends from around the St. Louis area for this anticipated annual event sponsored by the Office of Natural Family Planning. Mass will be celebrated at by Archbishop Robert J Carlson followed by a dinner catered by Pasta House and family entertainment in Boland Hall.

Adult: $12

Children (Ages 3-11): $6

{or a maximum of $60 per household}

RSVP by July 15

Click here for ticket purchasing info.

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