According to Dr. Thomas Hilgers, developer of the Creighton Model Fertility Care System, S-P-I-C-E refers to the development of the “multidimensional nature of true sexual interaction.”

represents Spiritual sharing, expressed through praying together or meditation.
represents the Physical, expressed through closeness such as just being close to one another without genital contact.
represents the Intellectual, expressed through sharing a project, a book or new learning.
represents the Communicative/Creative and is expressed through an increase in written or verbal communication or other shared activities.
represents the Emotional and can be expressed through sharing feelings, desires and humor.

Men and women relate to one another in these multidimensional ways throughout their lives. Couples using natural fertility regulation to plan their families are in an ideal situation to further develop these areas of SPICE in their relationships. When they are using the method to avoid pregnancy and focus their expression of love for one another in the SPICE areas of intimacy during their fertile phases, couples often experience a deeper bonding. This bonding develops through sharing and becoming more intensely aware of their spouse’s unique personality, as they expand their knowledge and understanding of one another, truly a lifelong journey.