About Pope Paul VI, Patron of the Institute

pp-paulus-vi.jpg A short biography of Pope Paul VI is available from the Vatican Website along with many of his papal writings and speeches. You can view his image on the cover of Time Magazine, issued June 28, 1963. 

An Overview of the Life and Work of Pope Paul VI

1897 Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini is born at Concesio (Lombardy)
1920 Montini is ordained a priest of Brescia, Italy
1955 Montini becomes Archbishop of Milan, Italy, and known as "Archbishop of the workers"
1958 Montini becomes a Cardinal of the Catholic Church
1962 The Second Vatican Council is opened by Pope John XXIII on 11 October.
Pope John XXIII dies on 3 June 1963. Although he does not open the council, Pope Paul VI promulgates all of its documents and closes the council on 8 December 1965
1963 In June, Montini is elected and installed as pope; he takes the name Paul VI
1964 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (4-6 January)
Encyclical on the Church Ecclesiam suam (6 August)
Pilgrimage to India, Eucharistic Congress in Bombay (2-5 December)
1965 Encyclical on Prayers during May for the Preservation of Peace Mense maio (29 April)
Encyclical on the Holy Eucharist Mysterium fidei (3 September)
Visit to the United Nations in New York (3-4 October) includes Mass at Yankee Stadium and a speech at the World Fair
1966 Encyclical on Prayers for Peace during October Christi Matri (15 September)
1967 Apostolic Constitution whereby the Revision of Sacred Indulgences Is Promulgated Indulgentiarum doctrina (1 January)
Pope Paul ends the practice of categorizing indulgences according to specific amounts of time off in purgatory
Encyclical on the Development of Peoples Populorum progressio (26 March) is Pope Paul's contribution to Catholic social teachings
Issues second great social document: Apostolic Letter Octogesima adveniens (14 May 1971)
Encyclical on the Celibacy of the Priest Sacerdotalis caelibatus (24 June)
1968 Apostolic Constitution on the New Rite of Ordination of Deacon, Priest, and Bishop Pontificalis Romani (18 June)
Credo of the People of God Solemni hac liturgia (30 June) is a magnificent statement of the Catholic faith in celebration of the martyrdom of Peter and Paul
Encyclical on the Regulation of Birth Humanae vitae (25 July) becomes his last encyclical
1969 Apostolic Constitution on the New Roman Missal Missale Romanum (3 April) - promulgating the revised rite of the Mass
Journey to Uganda (31 July-2 August) marks first pope to visit five continents
1970 Apostolic Constitution on the Divine Office Laudis canticum (1 November) promulgates the revised Liturgy of the Hours
Pilgrimage to West Asia, Oceania and Australia (25 November-5 December)
1972 Motu proprio Ministeria quaedam (15 August) suppresses the minor orders and establishes the system of three holy orders: deacon, priest, and bishop
Apostolic Constitution on the Sacrament of Confirmation Divinae consortium naturae (30 November) promulgates the revised rite of Confirmation
Apostolic Constitution on the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick Sacram unctione infirmorum (30 November) promulgates the revised rite of Anointing of the Sick
1975 Apostolic Exhortation on Evangelization in the Modern World Evangelii nuntiandi (8 December 1975)
1978 Pope Paul VI dies on 6 August 1978