Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I complete the four Catechism courses, how do I get my certificate?
Fill out a Certification Request Form.

2. Is Paul VI going to replace traditional face-to-face classes with all online courses?

No. We will continue to offer traditional face-to-face classes at various locations throughout the Archdiocese. Although most of our students favor the online classes, we know others prefer the traditional format. There are certain courses which work better in a classroom setting. We will continue to offer a variety of traditional classroom-based courses each semester.

3. If I am working on the Online Catechism Certificate, do I have to take all the courses online?

No. You may take the four Catechism courses in either the online or face-to-face format.

4. Can I receive credit while auditing an online course?

No. It is very difficult to monitor students' progress online if students do not participate fully in the course. Also students' experiences of the discussion boards are enhanced by full participation of all students.

5. How can I use my online Catechism Certificate?

The certificate is excellent preparation for various parish ministries, including teaching PSR and teaching in the RCIA program.

6. Are students required to take courses in a particular sequence?

No. Paul VI Institute sympathizes with students' difficult scheduling issues. Therefore we generally do not require students to take courses in a particular sequence. However, school principals or the Office of Catholic Education may make helpful suggestions.

7. Are the course offerings on the two-year schedule "firm"? Will any courses be added or dropped?

Courses may be dropped due to low enrollment or other unforeseen events. In general, the course offerings are intentionally skeletal. By this we mean that course offerings on the two-year schedule are intended to be minimal so that neither students nor faculty will be disappointed. It is expected courses will be added to this core group of classes that correspond with student need and interest.