Renaissance in Catholic Education


The Archdiocesan School Oversight Committee is proposing some new initiatives that will usher in a new era for our Catholic schools in the City of St. Louis and eventually throughout the archdiocese.

  • Creating a new position in the Catholic Education Office with responsibility for all of the elementary schools in the City of St. Louis. This person would focus only on the Catholic elementary schools throughout the city working with pastors, principals, teachers and parents to ensure that our schools are addressing the educational and formational needs of the students. 
  • Providing the resources, personnel and funding necessary to ensure that all educational and religious education programs in all of the schools throughout the city are of similar quality. The archdiocese would provide funds to enhance programs and provide direction in maintaining and placing quality educators in the elementary schools of the deanery.
  • Introducing a new school governance model that will provide the necessary leadership, support and direction at the school level to maintain quality Catholic schools in the future.

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