A Message from Archbishop Carlson

Previous generations have worked to build the Church into a community of faithful men and women in St. Louis, with a generous outreach to those in greatest need. In announcing a Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has once again reminded us that the Church is here to practice mercy, forgiveness and compassion. I invite everyone to consider a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal. Your generous support will help forge new leadership and enthusiasm for the vitality of our parishes and strengthen the mission of the Church in St. Louis.

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson
Archbishop of St. Louis 

The Courage to Love

The Archdiocese of St. Louis has been marked by moments of courageous leadership. In 1947, Cardinal Ritter desegregated Catholic schools, seven years before the United States Supreme Court mandated it.

In 1973, Cardinal Carberry led 30,000 people in a massive Pro-Life rally on the steps of the Old Courthouse in St. Louis.

When AIDS patients were shunned in the early 1980s, Archbishop May said the only response we can have as Christians is love and care.

A Legacy of Courage Continues

The Annual Catholic Appeal is a call to everyone to have the courage to love. The Appeal is our opportunity to help someone in a desperate situation, someone who is suffering, lost or lonely. While it might be more comfortable to turn away from someone who is suffering, experienceing hardship or living with illness or isolation, we are asked to be courageous.

When we find someone in a desperate situation, we are invited to do something extraordinary: in word and action we are challenged by Pope Francis to reach out and touch the suffering flesh of Christ.

A Witness of Compassion

The Annual Catholic Appeal continuously supports efforts to make this possible. In schools and parishes, on street corners and in chapels, at home and at work, Catholics daily take up the call to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and share Him constantly.

The Holy Year of Mercy announced by Pope Francis opens up extraordinary opportunities for offering and receiving forgiveness. The Holy Father wants to make it evident that the Church's mission is to be a witness of compassion.

Your gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal will strengthen the ability of our parishes, schools and agencies to build the Church into a community of courageous love.

The 2016 Financial Goal Is $13.5 Million

Approximately 91 cents of every dollar raised goes back into the community in the form of direct services.

How Your Gift is Used

The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the following programs and ministries. If you need assistance or help in any way, please call today.

All gifts are designated in advance for the services listed.

Serving Our Parishes Directly [$2,865,000]
Elementary School Assistance   $2,000,000   314.792.7300
Parish Emergency Assistance Fund   85,000   314.792.7680
Parochial High Schools   250,000   314.792.7300
Parish Food Pantries   30,000   314.792.7680
Stewardship and Development Support for Parishes, Schools and Agencies   500,000   314.792.7680
Serving Our Youth [$2,970,000]
Archdiocesan High Schools   $1,250,000   314.792.7300
Archdiocesan Seminary   750,000   314.792.6100
Newman Centers on College Campuses   170,000   314.935.9191
Vocation Programs   325,000   314.792.6460
Special Education   300,000   314.792.7300
High School Stewardship Essay Program   55,000   314.792.7680
Catholic Youth Apostolate   20,000   314.792.7600
Today and Tomorrow Educational Fund   100,000   314.792.7622
Serving the People in Our Parishes [$1,855,000]
Laity and Family Life   $450,000   314.792.7180
Hispanic Ministry   190,000   314.792.7890
Paul VI Institute/Adult Catechesis   345,000   314.792.7450
Elementary Teachers Educational Fund   75,000   314.792.7300
Natural Family Planning   170,000   314.997.7576
Respect Life Apostolate   350,000   314.792.7555
St. Charles Lwanga Center   145,000   314.367.7929
Airport Chaplaincy   25,000   314.427.8787
Catholic Renewal Center   25,000   314.427.7786
Catholic St. Louis Magazine   80,000   314.792.7500
Serving Those in Need [$1,555,000]
Catholic Charities   $1,200,000   314.367.5500
Immigrant and Refugee Support   35,000   314.772.1525
Rural Parish Workers   55,000   636.586.5171
Doorways HIV Ministry   25,000   314.535.1919
Criminal Justice Ministry   55,000   314.652.8062
Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service   90,000   636.441.1302
Latin America Apostolate   50,000   314.792.7655
Peter and Paul Community Services, Shelter at Sts. Peter and Paul   10,000   314.231.9923
Messengers of Peace Mission Work   25,000   314.792.7655
Special Needs Fund   10,000   314.792.7283
Serving Those Who Serve Us [$1,705,000]
Continuing Formation for Priests   $580,000   314.792.7550
Permanent Diaconate   60,000   314.792.7430
Regina Cleri Priests Retirement Home   315,000   314.968.2240
Care for Active and Retired Priests   700,000   314.792.7034
Support for Religious Orders   50,000   314.792.7251
Other [$2,550,000]
Annual Catholic Appeal Expenses   $1,335,000   314.792.7680
Archdiocesan Services   405,000   314.792.7680
Reserve for Unpaid Pledges   810,000   314.792.7680
Total needed: $13.5 million