There Is Hope After Abortion.

Hope Healing Forgiveness

Are you feeling guilt, shame, anger, grief, or depression as a result of an abortion experience? The experience of men in relation to abortion is varied: some have encouraged a woman to have an abortion, some have been opposed to the abortion but unable to prevent it, some were never told about the pregnancy until after the abortion, and some left it up to the woman to decide.

No matter what your experience was or how long it has been since the abortion, hope, healing, and forgiveness are available.

Project Joseph provides healing and hope to men wounded by abortion through the following: 

Project Joseph is for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Men are welcome to participate, regardless of how long it has been since the abortion experience. Confidentiality is key to Project Joseph and your privacy will be respected. 

You can move forward and heal from the experience and experience forgiveness.

If you're ready to begin the healing process or simply want to learn more about Project Joseph, we encourage you to call 314-792-7565 or email Trustworthy, compassion people will answer your call. We will make every effort to ensure you are comfortable with those serving you as you begin this healing journey.

Additionally, online resources are available to help you on your journey to healing by clicking here.


If you are a woman looking for post-abortion resources, click here to learn more about Project Rachel for women.