White House To Hold Online Town-Hall-Style Meeting - TOMORROW morning, Thursday, June 7, at 10am EST

ImageThe White House is holding an online town-hall-style meeting TOMORROW morning, Thursday, June 7, at 10am EST. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, among other White House Administration members, is one of the chosen participants. And the topic is, you guessed it, WOMEN'S HEALTH and the HEALTH CARE LAW. The event will be streamed live and the White House is soliciting questions before and during the event. Will you flood them with questions from our position???

 Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  • Why choose to make women's birth control, which is commonly a lifestyle choice drug, FREE, as opposed to making life-saving or sustaining medicine for all free?
  • Why infringe on the rights of religious institutions at the cost of free contraception? Does the Administration really think women don't care about religious freedom?
  • What precisely is being prevented with the use of birth control as "preventative health care"?

You can learn more about the event here. Questions can be submitted on Twitter by using the hashtag #WomensHealth or on Facebook at the HealthCare.gov Facebook page.

Thanks for all your support and efforts!